Today we will see what are the best sites to convert EML files to PDF online: these are completely free tools that will allow you to better manage this format, used by Microsoft Outlook Express and other clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Normally, in fact, EML files require a compatible e-mail client in order to be opened: on the contrary, PDFs can be displayed in a thousand different ways, making them more agile and usable.

With the platforms you will find on our list, therefore, you can do it without any difficulty.

Zamzar: EML to PDF

Zamzar’s EML to PDF is definitely one of the best site-based options for converting EML files to online PDF. Thanks to this portal, in fact, you can save attachments, the subject of the email and of course read the main content of the file in EML format. Going a little bit into details, this website allows you to convert up to 5 files at a time, in PDF or other available formats.

In addition, you can convert a file as long as you do not exceed 50 MB per unit: a value that we believe is more than sufficient. Unfortunately, there are some limitations: the attachments are saved separately, thus separated from the original file and removed from the PDF.

In order to use Zamzar: EML to PDF you have to follow only four steps. First you will need to add the file, then select the output format as PDF, and then enter your email address. Then, clicking on Convert, you will receive an email containing all the files you have decided to convert using this platform. This system is a little more complex than it should be, because the intermediation of the email is mandatory for conversion operations. In contrast, there is a flood of output formats that you can select to convert the EML file.

The second and last option in terms of sites to convert EML files to PDF online, is a very practical and easy to use digital platform, even if it does not allow multiple file conversion. You can in fact convert one at a time, but the advantages compared to Zamzar are there and not a few: Docupub, specifically, allows you to save attachments of EML files directly into the new PDF.

It is a very precious feature, which is valid both for images and for the rest: alone, it can already make the difference. Besides PDFs, then, you can convert EML to many other output formats: such as EPS, PS, TIFF and so on. There are also extra interesting features such as the choice of resolution and automatic rotation of the PDF.

As far as operation is concerned, even in this case the procedures are sent and without complications: this is because you just need to load the EML file, set the output format to PDF, set the above options and then press the Convert button. Then you can download it directly from the browser, so on the computer: another distinguishing factor that makes it superior to Zamzar and certainly faster.

The second small defect, along with the lack of multiple conversion, is the presence of a limit in terms of the size of the uploadable files equal to 10 MB: a little, to be honest.