Fortnite not working: server connection problems, crashes and login difficulties. Here’s what’s happening and how to solve.

Fortnite does not work? You are not the only one to experience malfunctions in the game. After the problems that emerged a week ago, even today, many users are having difficulty playing Fortnite, especially from Xbox One, where the problems do not seem to resolve even after the restart.

What is going on? What is the cause? We point out some information from the site, where the most reported Fortnite problems are: connection to the server (60%), log-in (33%) and website (6%). From the map in real time we find out that the disruption has hit players in major cities throughout Italy: errors are reported in Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Turin etc …

Most users complain that Fortnite gives the initial loading screen and then immediately returns to the home, removing the ability to play. The problems do not come unexpected: after the last update to Fortnite the game began to show signs of defaillance, with frequent crashes, but everything should have returned to normal since yesterday.

Instead it seems that some fans will have to wait a little longer to see the “side effects” of the last update vanish. The 5.40.2 update is actually more a back-end patch that will not add new content, but in the meantime Epic Games is also solving some of the main problems and errors reported by fans.

If you still have problems with Fortnite what you can try to do is restart the game and be patient.