4 Free Apps to convert Photos into Paintings

Since Instagram has made its debut in our lives, the fashion of photographic filters has taken control of our photographs: now, any shot is subjected to graphic work that can give it (and give us) unique emotions. But this mania took very little time to expand and give birth to applications designed specifically for this purpose, to the point of turning our photographs into real works of art. If you have a Facebook wall that is overrun with these photos and you want to try your hand too, here are the 4 free apps to turn photos into paintings.


Prisma is absolutely the best for apps to apply artistic filters to your photos. And it is very likely that you already know it, considering that most of the shots edited and uploaded by your friends on social networks are made with this app. The reason? In addition to providing photo filters of exceptional quality, Prisma is very easy to use and has features that you will not find in any other app to transform photos into paintings. But how does it work? To get a masterpiece you just need to take a picture, apply the desired filter, check the preview result and possibly change the filter level from 1 to 100. The app is free for iPhone and Android.


Before the advent of Prisma, it was Pikazo the most used app to transform photos into paintings. And still today this application makes its figure, being able to count on a much more solid experience of Prisma. In addition, there are still many users who prefer Pikazo, because of a unique feature: the ability to create your own photo filter. How does Pikazo work? After taking the photo, you can apply one of the filters in the gallery, create your own or launch the Internet to search for filters created by other users. The main flaw of this application is the speed: if you need about 20 seconds to Prisma to apply the filter to your photo, Pikazo is instead able to lose even 10 minutes, which makes it sometimes quite frustrating. Free for both iPhone and for Android.


Who said that the photos can be turned into paintings only from mobile or tablet? Leveraging DREAMScope, in fact, you can achieve better results without spending a single second of your time, simply by doing this on the web. DREAMScope is, in fact, a web app that uses the same generator of DeepStyle, ie it can count on a truly endless amount of excellent filters, almost equal to the styles present on Prisma. But the real gem of DREAMScope is that you can apply filters without compressing the image: an operation that smartphone apps, on the contrary, do. This means that you can count on a painting in HD, maintaining the resolution of the original photo: the ideal solution for those who want to print these creations and hang them in the living room or bedroom, or give them away.


Even DeepArt is a web app created to transform online photos into paintings. Even this app is full of fascinating and original effects, and is able to offer wonderful results even with less artistic and less invasive filters. DeepArt allows you to create custom filters, perhaps taking a cue from those made by other users of his community. In other words, we could say that this web application is a sort of middle way between DREAMScope and Pikazo.

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