Currently, you have many tools that allow you to create custom emoji, using your photos or your drawings, which you can also modify as you see fit.

And that’s why in this article we’ll list the top 5 apps to create emojis on Android and iPhone: the reason? The app stores are full of this kind of apps and it is real difficulty to find the one which suits you best according to your taste and wish.

Once you have found the right app, you can finally use your emoji without forgetting that as an alternative to the app you can also use one of the sites to create emoji online.



If we talk about the best apps to create emoji on Android and iPhone, we could never start to think without Bitmoji: an application that allows you to create a customizable avatar of your image, which you can also edit later, to better express your feelings of that precise moment. It is one of the best apps to create these avatars on iPhone, iPad and even Android, highly customizable and with hundreds of stickers available through its interface, which you can use to create your perfect emoji. In addition, your creations can also be saved and shared via messaging apps and social networks. Finally, the app even has a feature to mix your emojis with those of Snapchat.

Download Bitmoji: Android  | iOS 

Emoji Maker


Emoji Maker is another app to create emoji on Android and iPhone: indeed, it is even one of our favorites, because it can boast an amazing collection of stickers and other details that you can freely add to your photos. In fact, there are thousands of drawings that you can use to personalize your images and to represent what are your feelings of the moment. Thanks to Emoji Maker, you can also combine multiple designs to create unique emojis, saving them for later use if desired. Then it also has other interesting options: you can even connect your favorite emojis to keyboard combinations, so you can send them right away.

Download Emoji Maker: Android

Smiley Creator Free


Smiley Creator Free is very similar to Emoji Maker, so even in this case, you will have at your disposal thousands of drawings to create a highly personalized emoji. However, a feature that you will surely love to madness is the ability to create random emoji, with hundreds of thousands of possible combinations: one thing you will not find in any other app to create emojis on Android and iPhone. If you want something that does not make you ever bored, Smiley Creator Free is for you!

Download Smiley Creator Free: Android

GIPHY Stickers


GIPHY Stickers is an app to create emoji on Android and iPhone that is characterized by a huge collection of animated stickers, which you can use to create excellent combinations with your photos. You also have a personalized emoji maker that takes photos and turns them into emojis. Moreover, as we have already anticipated, you can also use animations to bring your emoji to a higher level. Finally, know that with GIPHY Stickers you can integrate the app with iMessage to use the keyboard to send your emoji.

Download GIPHY Stickers: Android  | iOS 

Emoji Maker


We close our review of the best 5 apps to create emojis on Android and iPhone with Emoji Maker (by Oliver Saylor). We are talking about a very good application, certainly one of those that offers you one of the largest collections of drawings and stickers to apply to your photos: this means that it is a perfect app if you love complete customization, considering that this app offers you 250 million unique combinations!

Download Emoji Maker: iOS


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