5 Common Issues With Online Faxing And How To Fix Them

From the pantelegraph to contemporary online types, fax technology has come a long way. Its significant evolution may have been expected to solve the issues that people faced in the past. However, phasing into the digital realm, this technology isn’t without errors. This article provides insight into the common issues with online faxing and their solutions.

5 Common Issues With Online Faxing And How To Fix Them

1. Failed Fax Transmission

Stalled transmissions mean the fax machine failed to synchronize with a user on the other end. Online fax services, including  eFax.com, don’t require hard wires, telephone lines, or the legacy fax machine. Instead, they utilize modern technology, such as email and mobile apps. But that doesn’t suggest that they won’t ever act up. Incorrect dialing or an incompatible file format can cause a failed transmission. Moreover, you may hardly send documents if your internet connection is interrupted.


  • Convert the file into a PDF or DOC format if you’re sending an incompatible file format.
  • Try checking your fax number and ensure that it matches the recipient’s area code before sending your fax.
  • Resend the fax if the transmission fails or you encounter an interrupted connection.

Solving a failed transmission shouldn’t take much effort, as the solution is usually as simple as the issue.

2. Compatibility Issues

A sender may direct fax your way, but your software or device may be incompatible with the file format. You may still receive your DOC or PDF file but fail to unlock and edit it, which can be inconvenient. It can be frustrating if that happens. But like every online faxing issue, it’s solvable.


  • Try using a different device to access the file, as it could be a compatibility issue.
  • Check if your sender’s software is compatible with yours and adjust accordingly to match the file format your software can support.

It helps to always ensure the sender’s device seamlessly synchronizes with yours or vice versa and that the software match. If not, accessing your sent file can be relatively challenging.

5 Common Issues With Online Faxing And How To Fix Them 1

3. Security Issues

The online space is never secure and is marred by constant security breaches, including hacking and identity theft. That doesn’t count as a downgrade to traditional faxing, but it’s only a challenge that modern faxing systems need to find a solution for—and it turns out there is.


  • Encrypt your faxes with password protection to lock access by unauthorized persons.
  • Choose your online fax service wisely to obtain unbreakable defenses from security features, including secure transmission and encryption.
  • Avoid sharing sensitive information, including credit card information, through online faxing if you feel it’s not well secured.

Security should be your topmost priority, and the online faxing service you opt for should guarantee that. However, you can take the initiative to keep safe from online security breaches as your responsibility.

4. Poor-Quality Faxes

Resolution issues can make your online faxing experience unsavory. Unlike traditional fax systems, you usually receive a file as a collection of pixels in online faxing. The image can appear smudged and appear blurry. If it’s pixelated, interpreting it can be quite a tax. The issue, however, doesn’t exist without a viable reason. Poor connectivity and substandard online faxing service can be why your faxes are of poor quality.


  • Find a new online fax service with better and clearer transmissions for high-quality faxes.
  • Use a robust internet connection that quickly and efficiently transmits images and avoid slow connectivity for clearer and sharper images.
  • Use a better device, including your phone, with a clearer screen. Or, try receiving your fax file from another device to determine whether or not your device is faulty.

Poor-quality faxes aren’t professional, especially in an office setting, and may be uninterpretable. However, fixing this issue with the solutions above can eliminate them.

5. Omitted Pages

You may typically send a fax, and your recipient may receive it blank. That can be frustrating, especially if you send your faxes in bigger batches. This problem has existed for ages since the advent of traditional fax machines. Nonetheless, it’s an issue you can solve and possibly eliminate.


  • Try resending the fax. Although tedious, it works in the end.
  • Send your online faxes in smaller batches to minimize missing pages. This technique works best and lets your recipient receive a complete bundle with no omitted pages.

Missing pages on documents can be frustrating to deal with. Regardless, like every online faxing issue, it doesn’t lack a solution.


Modern technology seeks to make the faxing process easier and frictionless. However, it still has quite a long way to go to fix issues that have become common in online faxing. Fortunately, solving them shouldn’t be too difficult with basic troubleshooting knowledge.

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