5 Impressive Functions Of PDFBear’s Merger Tool That Will Surely Meet Your Expectations

Merging your PDF files becomes too easy and convenient with PDFBear. In just a few clicks, you can get your desired combined file version. PDFBear allows you to stay relaxed on your chair while doing most of the tasks on your behalf. 

The merger tool from PDFBear offers many helpful advanced functions for the benefit of the users. These functions can be accessed entirely without difficulties, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Check out these useful functions from PDFBear’s merger tool that will surely satisfy your needs. 

How to merge PDF

It’s Online-based

PDFBear’s merger tool is an online-based service. Thus, regardless of the device, you are currently using, whether it is a laptop, desktop, or smartphone, you are free to access the website and use the tool. 

This makes the tool more convenient for the users, as they no longer need to install software to do the whole task. A device of your choice and a stable signal is enough to merge PDFs into a single PDF. 

Secures Your PDFs While Doing The Task

The merger tool is known for being one of the safest tools online that positively secures the content of your PDF file while they are doing the whole task. After an hour, your inputs will be permanently removed from their system for the privacy and protection of your documents. 

Supports All Operating System

This is one of the most prominent functions of PDFBear’s merger tool that is worth mentioning. Aside from allowing you to do the task online, the tool also lets you complete the whole task using any operating systems. The merger tool supports multiple systems. Hence, whether you are browsing through Windows, Android, or Mac, you can get your desired output. 

Supports Cloud-based Action

When merging your PDF files, your computer system’s storage will not be used. All processes will happen on the tool’s cloud. Their cloud-based technology also allows users to access the PDFBear website anytime and anywhere they want through any devices. 

Ensures 256-bit Encryption Technology

256-bit encryption is used for data in transit or data throughout a network. Sensitive and significant data, such as financial or government-owned data, are often encrypted using the technology to keep them away from any prying eyes.  In the United States, all confidential and significant information is protected using 192-bit or 256-bit encryption technology.

PDFBear’s merger tool uses strong 256-bit encryption. Thus, your data will be protected at all costs, keeping your private files away from potential risks on the internet. This is to ensure that they satisfy you as their users and keep your mind at peace. 

How To Merge PDF Files?

PDFBear follows the most straightforward steps in combining all of your PDF files into one document. When you land on the website, all necessary processes are properly presented. Follow these steps provided to merge your PDF files into one. 

Choose The Files You Wish To Merge

Select the files you wish to convert by pressing the “Select Files” button from the tool. You will be automatically directed to your storage. You can also open your file manager first, choose the PDFs, and drag them to the website. 

Modify Your Files

After uploading the files to the PDFBear’s system, the merger tool will start merging them. However, modify your files first before pressing “Combine.” Give the tool a few seconds to complete the merging process and there will be no difficulties you can encounter. 

Save Your Files On Disc

After the whole steps mentioned, you are free to save your newly merged PDF on your disc or share it on your Dropbox or Google Drive account for anywhere access. Let the site’s system use a few seconds to save your files. 


The existence of advanced technology makes our daily tasks easy. In just a few clicks away, you already have your desired goal or output.  Today, where the world holds online classes, the advanced features of PDFBear serve the students and teachers well. 

From merging your documents to converting them, PDFBear meets your expectations. No doubt why its service becomes known to various places in the world. You can access the website now for free or opt for their pro edition for unlimited conversion.

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