Today we will delve into the top 5 iOS apps to create video GIFs on the iPhone. Thanks to these applications, you can use your smartphone to easily create your animated GIFs: all without having to have any specific software skills.

In fact, just select the piece of video you want to convert, and then play with the different settings that each of these applications makes available to you. In addition to this, you can also reduce the length of the videos or resize them. In some cases, you will also have other very interesting editing options.



ImgPlay is without a doubt one of the top 5 apps for iOS to create video GIFs on the iPhone. Specifically, it lets you choose any video and easily convert it.

Once the operation is complete, the app will also allow you to trim the length of the video using the trimmer, change the playback speed or frame rate. Among other things, you can also customize the playback direction of the video and apply other changes, filters and more.

Video to GIF


The second app that we will see today is Video to GIF: an iPhone application that will help you convert videos to GIF, with great ease. Also, in this case, you are free to choose videos from your gallery, and you can even upload them from iCloud.

However, it does not allow you to record new videos, as opposed to ImgPlay. When you have selected the video you want to convert, the app will also allow you to determine the length, choosing which sections to cut away thanks to the appropriate slider. Also here you can choose the frame rate, the playback speed and another set of options. You can even paste animated stickers, text and emoticons.

Gif Maker


Another free app that you can use to create GIFs from video is Gif Maker . This is an excellent alternative option, especially because of the presence of many filters that you can apply to your liking to GIF. For the rest, Gif Maker has all the main options and settings, such as cropping unnecessary sections and so on. You can also select the delay time and playback speed of each video frame. The good thing is that it is also very easy to use: 4 steps are enough to complete the whole operation.

Video to GIF Converter


Video to GIF Converter is another very simple and very spartan application, which allows you to convert any video you want via the iPhone into GIF. Just open the app to select the video, cut the length, and then switch to the GIF conversion.

You can also merge several clips of different videos into one. After that, you can also edit settings such as conversion parameters, GIF size, transparency and aspect ratio. Finally, you can share the final result with your friends. The app is also able to convert images of different formats to GIF.

GIF Toaster


We close our article on the best iOS apps to create GIF from video on the iPhone with GIF Toaster: an application in this case very easy to use, but at the same time very powerful.

With this application you can make authentic wonders: for example, you can select multiple videos at the same time and merge them into a single GIF. In addition, the app editor allows you to change very useful options such as range, speed and many other things. Finally, in addition to classic clipping options, you can also apply interesting filters or change the resolution of the GIF.



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