5 phenomenal apps for every travellers

Mobile apps have revolutionised the world of travel, providing sound solutions and immediate assistance for the busy traveller.

But with new apps coming into play every other day, which ones are the best?

The answer lies in our list of five phenomenal apps for travellers.

1. Trip Lingo

The Trip lingo app is essential when you don’t speak the native language – it instantly translates your voice into another language and translates responses back into English.

It also has culture guides with info on basic etiquette, to help you make positive impression on locals and interact with style.

Travel tip: Don’t rely solely on translation, it’s worth using a language learning app such as Babbel too, in order to learn to learn some basic lingo phrases for your destination.

2. Travelstoke

Travelstoke is basically a social networking platform for travellers where you can connect with likeminded nomads for travel advice and to arrange meetups.

This brilliant app also shows you the best places your destination has to offer, from restaurants to museums and everything in-between.

Travel tip: As well as fellow travellers, connect with locals too – they know your destination better than anyone else.

3. App in the Air

App in the Air is the ultimate travel assistant that connects up to your email account and stores your travel information so you can access it all in one place.

The app is a blessing when you’re at the airport, thanks to its comprehensive catalogue of essential info – this includes a list of available facilities and details of opening and closing times.

The app has some impressive AR (augmented reality) features too, most notably a scanner which shows you whether your hand luggage meets your airlines requirements.

Travel tip: Locate your boarding gate in advance so you know exactly where you’re going when it’s time to board.

4. Google Maps

With maps and public transport info for over 200 countries, Google Maps is the app to use to get from A to B during your travels.

It also has real-time GPS navigation and automatic re-routing, which makes it a must-have if you’re driving to the airport.

Travel tip: You can use parking comparison sites such as Looking4.com to find deals for UK airports such as Heathrow.

5. GPSmyCity

GPSmyCity transforms your mobile device into a personal tour guide, so you can explore your destination on your own without worrying about getting lost.

It has a fantastic library of walking tours and guides for over 1,000 cities across the globe. It can even create a customised tour for you based on the attractions you want to see most.

Travel tip: If you’re venturing further afield, familiarise yourself with the local public transport networks.

With these five fantastic apps installed, your travels will be more extraordinary than you ever thought possible!

What are your favourite travel apps? Let us know in the comments section.