How to Secretly Record Video on iPhone

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you have to check (and resume) what happens in a room, without being able to be physically inside it? In this guide we will see how to do it using a free application (in the basic version) for iPhone and iPad. Obviously, in case you want to go unnoticed, we advise you to opt for the Apple smartphone and avoid registration with the tablet, certainly more cumbersome.

Before starting, however, we would like to clarify that shooting other people in an external environment without authorization is not absolutely legal. The app we are going to talk about is in fact a sort of home video surveillance.

How to secretly record videos with iPhone

Record and shoot secretly with Presence Video Security Camera

As previously mentioned, the “Presence Video Security Camera” application is free for download on iPhone and iPad, but to unlock all its functions it will be necessary to purchase the full version which varies between €2.29 and €49.99.

At first glance it might seem complicated, but in reality its operation is divided into only two parts: Capture and Remote.


In turn, the “Capture” mode branches into: Video, Audio and Photo. These options will allow the recording of audio and video in the first case, only audio in the second and shots in photographic sequence in the third.

In all three cases, timers can be set, in order to start the actions only at the desired moment. All the data will then be stored in the physical memory of the device and can be viewed later.

Obviously the iPhone screens will not give any sign of registration or shooting.


Now let’s move on to what is probably the most useful and interesting function. Also in this case, the three modes listed above will be valid, with the only (and fundamental) difference that everything will be shared on the cloud and made available for viewing via browser in real time.

The timer and shutter functions will therefore remain available, offering absolutely anonymous and at first glance harmless screens. To try the application right away, we advise you to download it by clicking on this link.