6 Best Archery Games for Windows

Are you passionate about games, especially those where you can show all your sniper skills? Are you looking for some nice and free game for Windows which is expected to be scored with surgical precision?

The content of today’s post includes the selection and description of 6 free archery games for use in Windows environments.

Archery is a fun and well-known game, but to be a top player, you need familiarity and precision especially to get as close to the center of the target as you can and earn as many points as possible.

There are many users who request information on this type of games, so in this content you can find an accurate selection of the best archery games to install and use on your Windows PC.

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Archery Bowmasters 3D

We start our review today with a bow shooting game of its kind and is known as the archery bowmaster 3d.

It is a Game that perfectly simulates the classic game of archery in which there are different levels with different difficulty modes. The player’s mission is to start from the lowest level and gradually unlock more complex and fun levels.

Target Archery

Target Archery is another beautiful game that perfectly simulates archery with the aim of hurling as many arrows as possible in a time of 20 seconds and of course you have to be very good and precise in centering the targets on the target.

Compared to other gaming software, Target Archery does not present any type of invasive advertising banner, so the focus is mainly on taking aim and firing.

To better understand how to aim, shoot the arrow and center the target you need to do a little ‘practice to better understand the angle to be used to make center.

Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter is another game of archery but compared to other “colleagues” is presented in a way a little more particular, in fact, starting the game you will immediately notice that there is no target, but the goal of the game is to blow up the balloons in a maximum of 15 seconds. Therefore if we want to be the best in this game, we must be able to break out about 8 balloons in 15 seconds as they move around the screen.

The more levels you overcome, the greater the number of balloons to hit in the shortest possible time.


Another service to pay attention to playing archery is LongBow. This is the most complex and difficult game to play because it allows you to choose the level of difficulty with which to approach.

The principle objective is to get as close as possible to the center of the target taking into account external difficulties such as the presence of the wind that could change the trajectory of the arrow shot.

Archery Master

Do not you like the previous games? Would you like something different and more particular? Then you have to download and install Archery Master in which the target is to hit the center of the target (yellow) using a maximum of 20 arrows.

Each time the target is hit, a bonus arrow will be awarded and the new target must be hit while in motion. When the 20 arrows are finished, the game ends with a defeat.

Archery Blitz

The latest archery game to use on Windows is called Archery Blitz. In this game there is no target, but the basic objective is to hit and destroy as many zombies as possible. This game offers about 120 different levels and there are also tutorials to help users understand the basic features that you need to know to be competitive at all levels.