5 App to Measure Distance with iPhone

Nowadays, smartphones are increasingly influencing people’s lives, above all because with new technologies and the development of new apps it is possible to carry out any daily activity simply exploiting the opportunities offered by new devices.

One of these activities is certainly the measurement of distance from one point to another without having to resort to cumbersome and expensive tools. In fact, in today’s post we will list a series of 5 free apps to measure distances simply using your iPhone.

To understand in depth the functioning of these applications, we advise you to read the rest of the content in which you will enter details that will facilitate the understanding of the use of these resources.

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The first application that we have to download on our iPhone to measure the distance from one point to another is definitely EasyMeasure that essentially shows the distance of an object observed through the camera of the device. What you need to do is simply choose the object from which to draw the distance, point the camera lens, focus and the app will automatically (based on the top of the object and its inclination) to calculate the distance.

Its use is really simple, fast and intuitive and you only need to measure a couple of distances to become familiar with the instrument.

Distance Measure

Another good resource to consider is Distance Measure and essentially allows the measurement of the distance from point to point. In addition to the classic measurement, distance Measure also allows you to measure the surface of a place on a geographical scale and most of the time this measurement is marked with a polygon.

The principle of operation is very simple, in fact, just hold down a point on the screen and drag it to the destination point and then you can enter the settings and select the type of map to display. To use this application you need to have a connection to the internet as the app uses online maps.

Distance Measurement

Distance Measurement instead is the app to calculate the distance with iPhone easier and more fun to use. It is a tool that allows you to calculate the distance from one point to another on a map by simply dragging your finger from the starting point to the destination point. In addition to the classic functions, it also presents a search box so you can easily find the place you want to reach with the measurement.

Distance – Find My Distance

Another useful application to measure distance from one place to another is definitely Distance – Find My Distance. This is a well-developed app that allows you to trace a particular route on a map to measure its actual distance. What needs to be done to detect and trace the distance is:

  • Start the application
  • Press to measure and move to move the map
  • Click on Units to change units of measure
  • Click on search to find a specific place


The last resource that we are going to introduce you is called Map-o-Meter and essentially allows you to draw a map on a map whose distance will then be automatically calculated. Basically it is a tool very similar to the previous ones with the same features and the same methods of use, so it is useless to describe its functionality and to waste precious time. However we advise you to give it a try to use it at least once.

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