10 Best Programs for Creating ISO Files on Windows 10

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The ISO file is an archive or disk image, which uses a format considered standard internationally. The peculiarity of this archive is the possibility of combining a very high number of files within a single document.

After creating the image in ISO, you can safely burn it to CD and DVD, or alternatively store it on your computer or on an external storage drive.

ISO files are also a solution to be mounted on virtual machines, which do not have a network card. So today we will show you the best 10 programs to create ISO files on Windows 10.

Ultimate ISO Maker

Ultimate ISO Maker is a very light and easy-to-use ISO file creation program that allows you to create these files from a CD or DVD. It also gives you the possibility of doing the reverse operation: ie take an ISO file on your computer and burn it. The best advantage of this software is its simplicity of use, since you need only a few clicks to perform these operations.

You only have to launch it, click on the “Create ISO” button and let the program do the rest of the moves. It also has a fairly low weight, so you can easily move this program to a USB stick.

Free ISO Maker

The second of the best programs to create ISO files on Windows 10 is Free ISO Maker: another easy-to-use software that allows you to create these files in just a few steps. You have the ability to create image files from any source document or folder, and if you wish you can later transfer it to an external optical media.

The interface of Free ISO Maker is very clear: you do not need to be a professional to be able to interpret and use it. Among other things, this program can also create bootable ISOs, or remove certain files or folders at any time by deselecting them from the list.

Free Burning Studio

Another ISO creator worth mentioning, is Free Burning Studio: a program that gives you the possibility to create personalized audio CDs, using a large number of formats such as MP3 and WAV. The software also allows you to create a DVD from a video, so you can record any desired movie on an external media.

Within these discs you can place as many files as you want: backups, images, text files, PDFs and so on.

ISO Workshop

ISO Workshop is another of the best programs to create ISO files on Windows 10. It’s also very easy to use, it allows you to create standard or bootable ISO images, and then burn them to disk. you can also extract individual files from the ISO and edit their contents. Among the other options available on the ISO Workshop, you will find the possibility to use its interface with drag & drop, which makes this program much more agile than many other competitors.

Of course you will also find a list of all the most important information in the ISO file. The interface of this program is not only simple and intelligent, but also pleasant to use.

Jihosoft ISO Maker Free

Jihosoft ISO Maker Free is another very reliable and above all practical example that can help you create backups in ISO or extract images. The application provides you with a truly user-friendly environment, where you can create ISO, burn it or extract it from discs. The software interface is well organized and clean, as well as divided into tabs, each of which has a specific task.

You can also create ISO images from any content: programs, text files, multimedia files and much more.


Without a doubt one of the best, if not the best: CDBurnerXP is an excellent program to create backups in ISO and then burn them into discs.

This is a software that is particularly attentive to details: it allows you to view all the statistics relating to completed activities. It offers support for all types of discs ( including Blu Ray ) and is very easy to use, since just follow the instructions of the wizard. The program interface has few graphic flourishes, and prefers to focus on the main burning features.


If we talk about the best programs to create ISO files on Windows 10, ImgBurn represents another sacred monster of this sector. It is one of the most reliable programs ever, with regard to image burning in ISO. Its best side, however, is the avalanche of settings and options that you have available: all through a very basic and simplistic interface, perfect even for novice users.

You will have nothing left to do but navigate it, to then choose the option you need at that precise moment. Finally, it has a screaming wizard, full of tips and tricks.


It has a name that resembles a popular drink: 7Burn, another of the ISO creation programs that you should try. This software has a main purpose: to write any type of data on any type of media, including Blu-Rays naturally. It is not particularly rich in advanced options, but allows you to do all the basic operations: create ISO files, format discs, burn files and folders, and much more.

BurnAware Free

The penultimate of the best programs to create ISO files on Windows 10 is BurnAware Free: an excellent alternative option, which allows the user to create audio, video or images containing other types of files.

It is able to work on any type of external media, to manage any file format, and also allows you to create bootable ISOs.

Free WinISO Maker

It closes with Free WinISO Maker: a sort of everything to do, which includes any imaginable option in the ISO image field. You can open them, create them, edit them, extract them and even convert them. Furthermore, it is compatible with almost all CD image files, including the BIN format. It is a software that we recommend to test personally, also because of the possibility to add or remove folders or documents. You can even create ISO files from floppy disks, which is very uncommon.


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