How to burn ISO files in Windows 10, 8.1, 7 step by step

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Have you just downloaded a software or a game from the Internet but you can not open it? we bet it’s a file in ISO format, is that it? Well, then there’s good news coming.

ISO files are nothing more than containers – technically called image files – in which all the data that originally were hosted by various types of media, such as a CD, a DVD or a Blu-Ray, are reserved.

The images in ISO format can be opened as if they were common packages in zip format (using applications like WinRAR or 7-Zip), they can be “mounted” in virtual CD / DVD drives (as we explained in our guide on how to open ISO files ) or you can burn on diskettes to bring them back to their original shape.

If you want to opt for the latter possibility and are looking for advice on how to burn ISO files, know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Below are some software that allow you to burn ISO files on Windows and MacOS extremely quickly and easily.

Choose the one that best suits your needs and find out how to use it by following the instructions I am about to give you. I assure you it will be much easier than what you imagine. Enjoy reading and have fun!

Burn ISO files on Windows

If you use a computer equipped with Windows 7 or a newer version of the Microsoft operating system, you can burn ISO files without resorting to third-party applications.

All you have to do is select the ISO file to burn, right-click on it and choose the Burn Disc Image item from the menu that appears. In the window that opens, choose the speed at which to burn the disk, click on the Burn button and you’re done.


Turning to third-party software, we recommend ImgBurn, a free application that allows easy to burn (and create) image files of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray for any type of content: games, software, movies and much more. To download it to your computer, open its official website and click first on the item Mirror 6 – Provided by MajorGeeks and then on Download @ MajorGeeks.

When the download is complete, open the installation package called SetupImgBurn_x.x.exe and click on Yes first and then on Next.

Then accept the conditions of use of ImgBurn, putting the check mark next to the entry I accept the terms of the License Agreement, and click in sequence on the Next buttons (6 consecutive times),  Yes and Close to finish the setup.

Warning: during the installation process you may be offered the download of additional promotional software, such as Ad-Aware or AVG Zen.

To decline the invitation, put the check mark next to the item Custom installation and deselect all the options below, or remove the check from the entry I accept the terms of the license agreement related to the promotional software that is proposed to you.

Good. At this point you just have to launch ImgBurn, press the button  Burn an image and select the ISO file to burn using the yellow folder icon located next to the words Select a file.

Finally set the desired burning speed from the appropriate drop-down menu and start burning the disk by pressing the large icon on the blank sheet with the DVD next to it.


Another software that allows you to burn ISO files for free under Windows is CDBurnerXP, which is also available in a portable version that does not require tedious installation procedures to be used.

To download the portable version of CDBurnerXP on your PC, connect to the Internet site of the program and click on the item More downloads options » and then on the 32-bit connection (x64 compatible) that is next to the Portable version.

When the download is complete, open the file you just downloaded ( ) by double clicking on it and extract the contents in any folder.

Then go to the folder where you extracted the files and start the cdbxpp.exe program to start CDBurnerXP.

At this point, select your language from the language selection menu, click on the OK button and choose the item to burn ISO image from the main CDBurnerXP screen.

In the window that opens, then click on the Browse button, select the image file to burn and press the Burn button to start copying the data on the disk.

Burn ISO files on Mac


Do you use a  Mac? Then know that you can burn ISO files to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray using a tool included as standard in macOS.

To better understand what we are referring to, right click on the ISO file you want to burn and select the Burn disc image entry “file name .iso” on disk … from the menu that appears.

In the window that opens, select the speed at which to burn the disk from the appropriate drop-down menu, choose whether to check the data at the end of the burn (keeping or removing the check mark from the appropriate option) and click on the button Burn to start copying data.

If you are using a version of macOS before 10.11 (El Capitan), you can also burn ISO files via Disk Utility. To use this software, select its icon from the Other folder of the LaunchPad, go to the menu File> Open disk image located at the top left and select the image file to burn.

Then select the ISO file icon that appears in the Disk Utility sidebar and press the Burn button located at the top to start burning the data on the disk.


If the features included in macOS do not satisfy you fully, you can contact Burn, a free and open source burning software that allows you to create CDs and DVDs of all kinds.

Unfortunately, its development has been stopped for several years, but still works perfectly.

To download Burn to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the Download button located at the bottom right.

Then extract the program from the zip package that contains it, drag its icon into the Applications folder of macOS and launch it by right-clicking on it and selecting the item Open from the menu that opens (this is only necessary at the first start).

At this point, select the item File> Open from the menu at the top of the screen, choose the ISO file to burn and press the Burn button to start writing the data on the disk.


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