A new mysterious creature is coming in Pokémon: Sword and Shield

A new mysterious Sword and Shield Pokémon is coming: how will it be and when will it be revealed? Appearance and type are still unknown, but the entry into the pokèdex is close.

Pokémon: Sword and Shield new mysterious Pokémon

new eighth-generation mysterious Pokémon is about to arrive in Pokémon Sword and Shield: the two titles released for Nintendo Switch are enriched with new legendary creatures, as shown by the upcoming DLC coming soon, and with a new very rare Pokémon ready to join other iconic ones creatures like Mew and Celebi. How will it be and when will it arrive?

There is not much certain news about the new mysterious Pokémon: we know that its debut will be scheduled in late February, or on the occasion of Pokémon Day.

New mysterious Pokémon in Sword and Shield: how it will be and when it will come out

What are Mysterious Pokémon? For the uninitiated by this definition we mean all those creatures that, unlike the legendaries, represent a real unique within the pokédex.

Their existence is so rare that it is often placed at the center of legends: the mythology of these creatures is complex and often it is not possible to capture them within the game except during special events.

Special events such as Pokémon Day, which this year will fall on February 27th. This was revealed by Serebii.net, which puts the date of the next special event in black and white. The absence of a mysterious Pokémon in Sword and Shield had made itself felt, including that of a substantial post game (which ends with the capture of one of the two legendaries on the cover).

To remedy this will be the two paid DLCs, arriving in June (which will allow you to expand the adventures narrated in the game) with new areas to explore and new legends (in addition to the arrival of more Pokémon from past generations).

There is still an aura of mystery about the type and appearance of this new mysterious Pokémon and more details will be available only at the end of the month. The creature will however be linked to Pokémon Coco, the new animated feature dedicated to the franchise (whose trailer shows a story with a protagonist very similar to Tarzan).