How to Access YouTube TV on PS5?

Sony PlayStation has transformed the gaming experience for the user. Its advanced technology has made it possible to play games in realistic 3D environments. By connecting your PlayStation to a reliable internet connection such as that offered by Spectrum online, you can enjoy online gaming with PlayStation users around the world.

The latest video game console by Sony, PlayStation 5 has much more to offer than greater game variety and cutting-edge graphics. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of this new Sony product.

How to Access YouTube TV on PS5

1#. Backward Compatible

When gamers made a shift from PS3 to PS4, they could not access the games they played on the previous model (PS3). But PS4 gamers don’t need to quit playing the games they’re enjoying presently. Since PS5 has the same basic architecture as PS4, it allows you to easily migrate your entire game library to the new console.

2# Custom SSD Hard Drive

The PlayStation 5 has an SSD (solid state drive) that is way faster than any of the SSDs we have on our systems. So if fast-traveling in Spider-Man took 15 seconds on PS4, it would only take 0.8 seconds on PS5. A faster SSD not only allows faster rendering of environments in better graphic quality, it also enables you to move through the game world faster.

3#. 3D Audio Unit

The PlayStation 5 has a custom 3D audio unit built into its AMD processor. This unit produces a more immersive sound and you require no additional hardware for enhancements. The 3D audio ensures that the sound can be heard well from all angles.

4#. CPU and Ray-Tracing

One of the most impressive features of PF5 is the new CPU with built-in ray-tracing. Ray tracing is an advanced technique used to illuminate a computer-generated scene, making it more immersive for the gamer. The CPU improves the overall performance and speed of the PS5.


Owned by Google, YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used video-sharing platforms on the web. It allows users to stream entertainment and informative videos and audios free of cost. Besides, it allows bloggers and influencers to set up their channels and earn money through views and subscribers. Let’s have a look at the key reasons for this video-sharing platform’s popularity.

1#. It’s Free

The best part about posting or viewing videos on YouTube is that anyone can do it. You are not charged a fee to put your vlog/post on the platform. Yes, there is a small percentage of paying subscribers but that only applies to premium streaming; most of it is free.

2#. Allows Money-Making

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube allows the bloggers and influencers using it to make an income out of the content they are creating/sharing. But this happens once the content or creator has a strong, loyal and consistent fan base.

3#. Generates Backlinks

YouTube can boost your search engine optimization by creating backlinks. These backlinks can be created when you add your website url on your YouTube profile page and/or within the description of your video post. By putting your website link on your YouTube channel in various ways, you can make the audience familiar with your site and also drive the YouTube traffic towards it.

How to Access YouTube on PlayStation 5

Now that you are well aware of the key features and benefits of both PlayStation 5 and YouTube, let’s see how you can use both together, meaning, how you can access your YouTube account on PS5.

Go to your PS5 settings, click ‘User and Accounts’ and you’ll see the option to ‘Link with Other Services’ such as Spotify, Twitter and YouTube. Select YouTube and click ‘Link Account.’ Then simply log in to your account with your email and password and you’re good to go.

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