How to add live chat feature for your website

Here are the best web services to add a complete Chat on your website. Best premium services to add a live chat on any website

Adding live chat for a website can expand your mechanisms to provide assistance and information in real time. In fact, whether you have an e-commercetechnical assistance, travel reservations and much more it can be useful to add a chat to your site in order to provide real-time support to your customers, quickly, easily and at no cost.

We have selected several services that allow you to add a chat on your site powerful and customizable in no time.

Let’s find out together.


Take customer service to the next level with EngageBay’s free Live Chat software. Chat live online with your visitors and customers, answer their queries, resolve their concerns, boost customer service and grow sales instantly. All of this right from within your website.


It is perhaps the most powerful software to add Chat feature. Used by many sites, also known, allows you to have advanced features to introduce and customize the Chat on a website. In automatic we will know the page visited and the search terms inserted on our site so as to provide more precise assistance. statistics are predestined, the ability to respond to chat via smartphone and receive notification to each visitor. It costs $16 a month but is the best in its field.


Olark is another service that allows you to enter multiple operators in a chat. Ideal for those who manage numerous services and has many operators responding. Numerous features such as integration with Google Analytics, personalization of the chat interface, mobile access, report visits and much more. Subscription prices for 12 dollars.


LiveHelpNow is among the best to build a live chat with multi-operator support, easy to configure, set default answers, transfer call to other operators, user info like page and keywords used and much more. Perfect for e-commerce. Prices from $19 per month for each operator.


Velaro makes its success easy and can manage many operators. There are many integrated tools such as the organization of operator shifts, custom queue management, auto close chat, user block, report in PDF, Excel or HTML and it is also possible to create dedicated forums. Prices from $65 per operator.


WebsiteAlive is very customizable, access by smartphone to respond to chats, feedback to the operator by the client, monitor live chat performance and invite users to participate in the chat. Prices from $45 per month for 2 operators.

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