Add Watermark to photos and images on WordPress

Protecting your work from wild copying is definitely a good way to avoid being stolen from the work created and published, perhaps for free on the internet. Here is that if you have a site or blog made with WordPress the best solution to protect your images we can add the copyright by adding the so-called watermarks or watermarks to the photos and images that we upload on WordPress.

Let’s see how to do it automatically on WordPress.

How to insert Watermark to photos and images on WordPress

Of course we can add the watermark to the photos we upload on the WordPress site working with external programs but we can also automate the whole by inserting the watermark to WordPress images automatically, via a fantastic watermark plugin.

dFactory: WordPress plugin to add Watermark

Honestly I use it on several sites that I manage and is the best plugin to add a logo or a watermark automatically to all the photos on WordPress. Once installed on your WordPress site we can add a watermark to WordPress images.

Going into the settings of the plugin we can choose which watermark or logo to load, choose the location, preview, configure the image quality and more.

In addition we can also activate the function that allows you to disable the right mouse button on your site. With this plugin we can add watermarks to old images too.

This plugin once set up work in a silent and automatic way on all the photos uploaded to WordPress or the ability to activate it in single post or pages.

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