10 Best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator [Online & Offline]

Tired of spending your money on Adobe Creative Cloud? No computer space or are you a sporadic user of graphical tools? Do you need an open source vector tool to include in your project? If you said yes to one or more questions, check the list of alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, online and offline.

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10 online and offline alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

1. Inkscape

  • Free;
  • Simple, intuitive interface with advanced features;
  • Works with open SVG format;
  • Support for different color modes;
  • Constant improvements and updates;
  • Open source vector graphic package, which can be incorporated into other programs;
  • Native import capabilities for Illustrator files;
  • It takes up less space on the computer and is considerably fast.

Platforms: WindowsLinux and Mac.

2. Affinity Designer

  • Free and with paid version starting at U$19.99 * ( iPad version );
  • Ideal for beginners;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Offers templates and other resources to choose from;
  • Works with RGB and CMYK color modes, in addition to Pantone color reading;
  • In the free version, it integrates a series of tools that perform the main features of Illustrator.

Platforms: WindowsMac and iPad.

3. Sketch

  • Free for 30 days. It costs U$99* (single payment);
  • Clean design;
  • Powerful tool for those who develop layouts and products for the web;
  • Focus on a set of plugins and features.

Platforms: Mac.

4. SVG Edit

  • Free;
  • It works as an online alternative to Illustrator;
  • Simple look, with open source software;
  • Directly in the browser;
  • Architecture in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript;
  • Uses the processing power of the cloud to handle graphics editing;
  • Few advanced tools.

Platform: online.

5. Karbon 14

  • Free;
  • Ideal for beginners and professional users;
  • Simple, customizable and extensible interface;
  • It has specific tools for drawing, finger painting, image manipulation and icon editing;
  • It is part of the Calligra package, which includes the image editing application similar to Photoshop.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac.

6. Gravit

  • Free, with Pro version for U$49/year*;
  • Ideal for beginners and professional users;
  • Simple, customizable and extensible interface;
  • Supports CMYK rendering;
  • It has very useful pre-defined formats, such as standard print sizes and digital templates, such as a cover for social media ( Facebook and Twitter );
  • Offers video tutorials;
  • It is part of the Calligra package, which includes the image editing application similar to Photoshop;
  • Exports in PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG and sketch.

Platforms: WindowsLinuxMac and Chrome OS.

7. Vect

  • Free;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • Perfect for beginners;
  • Tutorials;
  • Some advanced tools are lacking;
  • Allows creation of web and print files;
  • Exports in PNG, JPG and SVG.

Platforms: WindowsLinuxMacChromebook and online.

8. Xara Photo & Graphic Design

  • Pro X version for $59.99*;
  • Create vector and web-focused projects;
  • It has several online templates produced by the company itself;
  • Its platform, Xara, would be an equivalent to Creative Cloud;
  • 3D tool;
  • Animations;
  • Integration with Google Fonts.
  • Image banks (Stock photos ) and Illustrations ( Pixabay ) in the Content Catalog;
  • Import and export in numerous formats.

Platforms: Windows.

9. Krita

  • Free for Mac and Linux and $9.79* Windows version;
  • Open code;
  • Complete drawing tool for amateurs and professionals;
  • Complete color management;
  • OpenGL (higher screen rotation and zoom speed);
  • PSD support;
  • HDR, OCIO and OpenEXR support (perfect for film and visual effects industry).

Platforms: WindowsLinux and Mac.

10. Boxy SVG

  • Free;
  • It works as an online alternative to Illustrator;
  • Simple interface;
  • Run as an extension on Google Chrome;
  • Integration with Google Fonts;
  • Open Clip Art library;
  • Exports in JPEG, PNG, SVG and SVGZ.

Platforms: online.

* Prices consulted on 07/26/2020.

With information: InkscapeAffinity DesignerSVG EditSketchKarbon 14GravitVectXaraKritaBoxy SVG.

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