Android : Move files on external microSD memory card

Guide for Android smartphones and tablets: discover how to move files (music, photos, etc.) and apps from the internal memory to the microSD of the device using the device itself or even the computer.

Many Android smartphones come with just 4GB of storage space. Unfortunately, even 8 or 16 GB are sometimes not enough if you start downloading many applications, taking pictures, recording videos, and so on. Fortunately, most Android phones come with a microSD card slot, which allows you to add storage space to your device.

This guide will explain to best how to move applications on the microSD and how to store files and photos on a microSD card of a smartphone or Android tablet.

First, let’s clarify an important fact: not all applications can be moved to the microSD. This means that phones with only 4 or 8 GB of internal memory will still be able to run into problems even with a microSD card inserted if you download and use many such applications.

If, however, an application is able to be moved to the microSD card, it will be possible to do so by going to Settings and then to Application Management. In the first tab of this screen you will see all the applications downloaded to your phone. Scroll to the right to see which apps are stored on the SD card.

To move an app to the micro SD card, go back to the Downloads tab and tap an app to select it. (NOTE: pre-installed apps can often not be moved). You will see the “Move to SD card” option: tap on it. The first button will show “Move …”, when the action is complete it will change to “Move to device memory”. Now you will find the application listed in the SD card list.

Sometimes the ability to move an app to an SD card will be displayed in gray, as is the case with the Amazon Music application that comes pre-installed on the various phones. These applications can not be moved to the microSD.

The first thing to do is go to Settings, then go to Storage, look for the option “Transfer data to SD card.” Not all Android devices are provided with this option, and not if your device does not have it, the only thing is to manually move the files.

The second method to quickly transfer photos, videos, music and other files on the microSD is to do so using a PC or Mac. Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable, then open a new window to browse through the contents of the phone. You should be able to see the internal memory and the SD card of the phone as two separate storage items. This guide uses Android File Transfer on Mac, which shows internal memory and SD card on separate windows. To move files from the internal memory to the SD card, simply cut and paste them from the internal memory to the micro SD card or vice versa. Warning: do not move any Android system files.

Another option available, if you do not have a PC to transfer files to, is to use the “File Manager app” on your device. This app is simple to use and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

If instead, you want to use your device without downloading additional apps, go to Archive (it should be on the Home screen), then tap on Device Storage. Here are displayed various options, ie Applications, Images/videos, Audio, Download.

For images, locate DCIM and click on Camera. Here you will find all the photos taken by the camera. Touch the bottom right corner of the device and select “Select All”. Otherwise touch only the items you want to move on the microSD; Now choose Move (appears after clicking on the button with the three dashes on the top right), select the microSD card and choose Move Here. Repeat the procedure for any type of music and other files stored on the device.

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