Remove Google search bar from Home Screen without root Android

Want to remove the Google search bar from the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet? In this quick tutorial, we offer four extremely fast methods to make sure you do it every time!

Android smartphones and tablets almost all have a Google search bar on the home screen. A search bar that can be very useful to some users; but if you read this tutorial, it’s probably because precisely, it does not serve you much / you want to replace / you want to have a screen as clean as possible (delete the mention useless). The method differs slightly depending on the models, but once you know the trick is usually extremely simple.

How to remove the Google search bar on Android

To remove the Google search bar on an Android smartphone or tablet:

Method 1

  1. Do a long press on the search bar
  2. Touch Delete or Hide or drag the bar to the trash depending on your model

Method 2

  1. Go to Settings> Apps or Apps
  2. Tap the Google app and disable it
  3. Restart your smartphone to say goodbye to it;)

Method 3

  1. Hold down an empty area of the home screen
  2. Touch Settings or Settings in the options list
  3. Uncheck Show Google Toolbar on Home Screen

Method 4

Install an alternative Launcher like Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher

This last method is practically the only one that works on Google Pixel and Pixel 2. Of course, there is always an alternative: that of rooting your Android smartphone. Root allows you to do what you want. Nevertheless it is a much longer method, and we wanted above all to give you an extremely fast method that takes no more than a few seconds.

If you know of another quick way to remove the Google search bar from the home screen, feel free to share it with the community in the comments!

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