Anonymous: “TikTok is a Chinese government spy app, uninstall it”

TikTok steals data and spies on users on behalf of the Chinese government: this is the warning from Anonymous that invites you to uninstall the app from your smartphone.


TikTok is not sure: to say it is Anonymous, which identifies in the app a real malware created by the Chinese government to spy on users and steal data. But what’s true?

The complaint comes from the Twitter account of Anonymous, the secret organization formed by hackers who has often revealed truths and burning details through various operations to the detriment of the “powerful”, targeted in different sectors. TikTok is now in the center of interest of hackers, who do not recommend installing and using it on their smartphone.

Here’s why and what’s going on.

Cancel TikTok, not sure: Anonymous’s alarm

Anonymous took sides against the Chinese app by providing a precise description regarding the alleged dangers of using this app:

The warning is to be taken with pliers, also considering the decentralized nature of the hacker movement (which however shares a common goal). The tweet comes from the report of a developer disconnected from the movement who would have noticed some suspicious features within the app: TikTok is in fact accused of tracking users and for the free collection of data (accusations, however, still to be confirmed).

Doubts and shadows that reinforce the theory of those who do not look TikTok favorably: ByteDance, a development company based in Beijing, has always denied the various accusations made in recent months about improper use of the app and for the moment the suspects are not confirmed (despite the United States looking to the Chinese application with the attention of a special guard).

Anonymous’s warning is clear for now but remains, without certain evidence, a simple advice: we will have to see how and in what way the group will take a position with a view to revealing important truths by giving proof of what has been claimed.