How to share Apple Music songs on Instagram Stories

Sharing music on Instagram Stories is a common feature in streaming services. Apple Music, musical broadcast platform, Apple has implemented this function in your app for iOS from the operating system version 13.5. There is still no forecast for the functionality to arrive on Android devices.

Instagram in iPhone

You can share songs, albums, radios, and playlists from the Apple Music catalog. On Instagram, the result is similar to that of other competitors, such as Deezer and Spotify, displaying a thumbnail of the cover and a redirect option to listen to the content. Learn how to do it!

Apple Music: How to Share Music on Instagram Stories

Step 1: Open the app on iOS 13.5 devices and select any song or album from the catalog;

Step 2: Press the three dots icon or press and hold the button of the song you want to share to open a menu;

Step 3: Select “Share”;

Step 4: Among the sharing options, choose Instagram;

Step 5: The user will be redirected to the Instagram Stories editor, where they can insert texts, gifs and stickers to be able to publish.

Very simple, don’t you think? Tell us your favorite music streaming!