Answers to the Harry Potter Quiz: Hogwarts Mystery

To become a wizard or a witch in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery you must attend the Hogwarts University. Well, to be promoted to university you need to study books and learn the answers to the quiz questions. The University of Hogwarts is no different, getting a magic wand is not enough.

You have to solve the quizzes of different professors to become the final magician or witch. In this tutorial, we’ll explain all the answers to the Harry Potter Quests: Hogwarts Mystery. Professor Snape, Hooch and Flitwick will test your knowledge during the game. To win the quiz you have to learn all the answers and in this post, we present you Hogwarts Mystery Class Quiz Answers.

Answers to the Harry Potter Quiz: Hogwarts Mystery

Before starting, keep in mind that these quizzes seem to arrive randomly, so there is no default template. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain them in the order listed below.

Answers to the Harry Potter Quiz: Hogwarts Mystery

Class responses potions

Question – What is the best way to extract the juice from the sopoporous bean?

Answer:   crush.

Question: What kind of cauldron should first-year students use?

Answer:   pewter.

Question – Which ingredient is not used in the shrink solution?

Answer:   Rotten Egg.

Question – Who wrote the book “Magical Drafts and Potions?”

Answer:   Arsenius Jigger.

Answers to flight lessons

Question – Which of these is not a variety of brooms?

Answer:   Occamy

Question – What do you say to summon a broom in your hand?

Answer:   Up

Question – Where are the flight lessons held?

Answer:   The Training Ground

Question – A Firebolt is a kind of thing?

Answer:   broom

Question – Madama Hooch has a distinguished yellow where?

Answer:   Eyes

Question – No magic yet invented allows a wizard to do what?

Answer:   Fly without help

Question – What is the name of the American magic government?

Answer:   MACUSA

Question: who is the flying professor?

Answer:   Mrs. Hooch

Question: who is the potion teacher?

Answer:   Professor Severus Snape

Question: who is the divinatory professor? Answer:

Professor Cooman

Spells Class responses

Question: who teaches the care of magical creatures?

Answer:   Silvanus Kettleburn.

Question – What is the effect of the Stupefy spell?

Answer:   Stun.

Question – What does the Lumos charm offer?

Answer:   light.

Question: Before Dumbledore, who was the Hogwarts principal?

Answer:   Armando Dippet

Question – What is the name of the village of wizards near Hogwarts?

Answer:   Hogsmeade.

Question – Who is the History of Magic professor?

Answer:   Professor Binns.

Question: what does Professor Vector teach?

Answer:   arithmetic.

Question – What do you have to do in Cast Alohomora?

Answer:   unlock a door.

Question – Which of these is not a cleaning spell?

Answer:   Confrigo.

Question – Who is the professor of transfiguration?

Answer:   Professor Minerva McGonagall.

Question – What kind of spell is Flipendo?

Answer:   Jinx

Which of these spells are more like Flipendo?

Skurge Spell

Here, above there are the majority of Quiz Answers the class of the mysteries of Hogwarts.

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