Apple ID and iPhone blocked, security problem: hacker attack?

Several users are reporting a singular error related to their Apple ID: unrecognized password and account blocked, but there is a way to solve.

Is your Apple ID temporarily blocked preventing the use of iPhone? If so, you may have been the victim of a mysterious mistake that is affecting the apple users at this time.

There are numerous reports that emerged in the official forums of the apple and not, in which several users report a strange but unusual error related to their Apple account.

All owners of a device made by the Californian company are linked to it through an Apple ID associated with the device used: the profile is used to access the system settings and security, in addition to being able to access different options and applications such as iCloud or Apple Music and purchases on the App Store.

In the last hours, however, something would not be going the right way: trying to log in with your Apple account, the associated password is not recognized by the system and is incorrect.

Apple account blocked: how to solve

The account would then be blocked for many users who can not perform any kind of action that requires access with their Apple credentials.

Blocking occurs after several attempts to access: at first glance you might think you entered the password incorrectly, perhaps in a moment of distraction. The first instinct is to try again the insertion of your own keyword, until the automatic receipt of a warning and an official Apple mail that requires the change of the security word.

Changing the password is not an impossible task: by accessing the official link provided by Apple just enter the new word and then validate it by answering the security questions (or by entering the phone number associated with your profile).

Security on which Apple has always built some of its core pillars, ensuring its buyers the best market settings to protect their data and their privacy. Now, Apple’s security policy seems to be wavering: many people are wondering if behind this mysterious mistake there is a security breach, like a hypothetical hacker attack, or if it’s a simple bug.

Apple, at the moment, maintains silence but the most accredited hypothesis sees Cupertino as the protagonist of a flaw regarding the protection of data of many Apple IDs. The procedure in question could be due to a targeted attack not yet declared, which would have triggered in the security system a domino effect that temporarily blocks the profiles requiring the possible reset of the password.

Waiting for any updates on the matter, the only way to solve the problem is to lose some time behind the password reset and reactivate your Apple ID. No anxiety then, the operation is part of Apple’s policy and your data is secure thanks to the activation of this system.

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