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At school all your classmates talk about, a new application that they use and that, according to them, is becoming more and more popular. But unfortunately you do not know anything about this app, and would you therefore clarify the ideas on this subject to understand how it works and how to use it? Well, you’re lucky, you’ve come on the right track! I’m going to talk to you in detail about this application for Android and iOS.

In fact, you must first know that is a very popular application among teenagers. Its main purpose is to allow the creation of beautiful music videos lasting a few seconds, being able to choose as background musical folk songs. The main use of is to record a video with a musical base appreciated by everyone, mimicking the lyrics and dancing like a true Hollywood star.

In India this application has been famous for a short time but in the whole world there are real “Musical-like stars”, especially from the moment in which the videos are often published on Youtube. Using is actually very simple and in my guide I will explain in detail the steps you need to perform to download it for free on your Android or iOS smartphone. Are you ready to start? Yes? Very well! As usual, I wish you a good read.

How to download on Android

In order to start using you first need to download the app to your Android mobile device. To do this, open the Android PlayStore (symbol of a colored flag).

Once you have opened the virtual store of your device with an Android operating system, tap the text field at the top of the search engine. Then type to search for the application in question and then press the Search button on the keyboard to confirm your search.

Once the first results of your search appear, tap the first item that will appear. The official app is developed by Inc. and features a red icon with a white wavy line in the middle.

Did you find it? Very well! Now, to install it for free on your Android device, press the Install button that displays on screen and then, to accept the conditions of use of the app, press the Accept button.

Now watch the application download: when it has finished downloading, instead of the Install button, the Open button will appear. So you can start it and start using it.

How to download on iOS is also available on iOS mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. I’ll explain in the following lines how to download it.

To download on an Apple smartphone or tablet you will need to open the iOS App Store (the icon is blue and has a stylized A in the center). Once you have found and opened the virtual store of Apple devices, press the Search button (a magnifying glass symbol). At this point, find the text field at the top and press the Search item. This will open the search engine of the app, through which you can search for the application in question.

Then type and press search on the keyboard of your device to confirm the search. Please note once again that the official app is developed by Inc. and its icon is red with a white wavy line in the middle.

To download it, tap the Get button and then the Install button. Then wait for the download to finish until you see the Open button, through which you can start the application.

How works

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your device, open it, I want to talk to you about how it works.

When starting the app, first proceed by registering a free account for the service. You can do this by pressing the Register button you can see on the screen. Then choose which account you want to register with; in fact you have the possibility to register using your phone number, your Facebook or Instagram account. Alternatively, you can register with Musically using your email address.

In case you decide to register via phone number or via external email address, you will need to indicate your date of birth and then press on the Continue button. Then indicate the email address with which you would like to register for the service and then press the Continue button again.

At this point proceed to register and, using the Create account screen, indicate your username and set a password to access the service. Then confirm the registration by pressing the Create account button and then click on the check box to confirm not to be a robot, indicate your full name and then press Continue, choosing whether to take a selfie to insert as a profile picture or if you skip this step by pressing the Not Now button.

To find other users of this social network, you can then press on the item Find through contactsfind through Facebook or press the Skip and Done buttons to skip these procedures through which you can connect to other social networks.

When you start the app you will be in the Home section of the app (Symbol of a small house). At the top are the Highlights and Follow entries, through which you can see an introductory video and popular videos of other users of the app.

The app is based on sharing short videos in which you’ll have to dance and mimic a song of your choice among those available in the app. There are many songs available and the app invites the interaction between users with the publication of thematic videos, through musical challenges.

You can see these challenges in the Search section of the app (symbol of a magnifying body): in this screen there are in fact several categories, rankings of songs and challenges and tags in evidence. By tapping on each of them you can see the theme of the challenge and publish a video to become part of the competition.

To get to the heart of the action and post your first video on, press the (+) button. You can choose whether to first search for the song to use for your video (Choose music button), if you first record a video and then apply background music (Resume button first) or upload a video from your device’s media library (button From the collection).

To record a video you have several tools available. Through the box located at the bottom of the screen you can in fact identify the epic, slow, normal, fast and lapse options: these are the pre-established speeds with which you can record and edit your video to give it a special effect. Using the Lenses button (symbol of the smiley face ), you can choose some filters to be used in real time to virtually personalize your face during the recording.

In the right side menu you have some tools for editing the video and the backing track: the symbol of the scissors to cut out a portion of the music you have chosen, the two arrows symbol allows you to change the camera of your device, from the front to back, the symbol of a power button allows you to activate a timer to start recording.

Then there is the symbol of a magic wand that allows you to activate the Beauty filter, improving the quality of your recording.

To start recording your music video with, press and hold the red button with the camera symbol. To end the video recording, press the button with the green check symbol V.

Before publishing the video you can review it, modify it if necessary and embellish it using the appropriate tools visible in the side bar of the screen. You can also give a title to the video, tag some friends with the @symbol and publish it via the Publish button. To save your video without publishing it, you will have to press the Save in private button instead.
At any time you can see videos made and saved as unpublished or all those published. To do this, go to your profile (symbol of a little man from the bottom menu bar).

To see videos posted by other users, go to the Home section and scroll down to see all the videos in the Highlighted section.

Applications for Musically

The app has recently become very popular among teenagers, and there have therefore been developed some non-official complementary applications. I want to point out below some popular applications that allow you to create unique videos designed specifically for

  • Funimate –  Video Editor Effects & Music Video Maker (Android/iOS ): Available free on PlayStore and App Store, Funimate is a video editor application that lets you create unique music videos with special effects such as overlay texts, effects slow motion also allowing you to apply emoji, special 3D filters and much more. This application is widely used to create music videos to be uploaded to
  • Filters for Musically ( Android ): application designed to edit photos in the multimedia gallery of your device, allowing you to apply details in Snapchat style. The edited photos can then be uploaded to in the form of a slideshow, which in the app is called a photo slideshow.
  • Live.Ly ( Android/iOS ): in this case it is an official complementary application. Made by the same developers of, allows you to create and view streaming video. Available for free on Android and iOS.
  • Triller – Create music videos ( Android/iOS ): application with features similar to those of, Triller allows space for creativity to create music videos with special effects. The application is available for free on Android and iOS.

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