Best Android Apps to downlaod live wallpapers free

The customization is one of the activities that allows us to make a smartphone or our tablet to actually imposing the style that we like and more is in our canons, and Android live wallpaper are the plus that many users like to set on your smartphone or tablet. If you are also looking for a way to download Android animated wallpapers for free then you’ve come to the right place.

There are endless ways to change the aesthetics of our device but the simplest, safest and most effective is to change the background with a more pleasing to our eyes. In short, you have understood: rely on animated wallpapers for Android will make you look good especially with friends.

On Android there are endless apps to add animated backgrounds to your collection that deal with offering you a vast catalog for every need. In this article we will see which ones are the best.

Where to find animated backgrounds


A real application for the complete personalization of your smartphone: it allows you to choose not only from a vast catalog of wallpapers but also to search for ringtones, games and  Android animated wallpapers. This app is truly “historic”, available for many years and on multiple platforms, allows you to find the best wallpapers for your Android smartphone without having to search on a thousand different sites.

One of the most useful functions that you can take advantage of is the automatic updating of the background, every day you can choose to automatically change the background of your device by initially setting your preferences.



This is the official app of Google and its backgrounds. It provides all the wallpapers proposed by Google. There are also animated backgrounds of Pixel. It’s a really good app, intuitive and easy to use. The backgrounds are grouped into categories and you can apply the one that suits you in a few touches.

There are very pleasant static backgrounds also. If you want animated wallpapers like those of Pixel, then the choice falls on this great app.

DOWNLOAD | Wallpapers – Google


This is a perfect app for AMOLED displays. HexShaders contains animated backgrounds composed of small hexagonal objects. You can decide to customize the dimensions of the particles, in order to make them more pronounced or more defined. Furthermore, the speed of the effect of the animated background can also be changed.

There are many effects available here. Among the most beautiful are Wave, Rainbow and Metaballs. If adjusted in the right way will give an extra touch to your home screen.

DOWNLOAD |  HexShaders

Holo Droid

It is a live wallpaper with visual elements linked to the specifications of your smartphone. The background will show the date and time, the device name and the operating system version. Furthermore the battery status is indicated, with the relative temperature and the remaining percentage. On the right side you will find the device specifications, such as the CPU and the percentage of RAM usage.

In short, a free animated background for true data lovers of your smartphone!

DOWNLOAD | Holo Droid

HD wallpapers

The name will be very original but it does not matter, we are still in an article of backgrounds and animated wallpapers, no? Once installed and started you will have everything you need and looking for. Wallpapers HD is one of the best and most extensive online catalogs of high definition wallpapers available for your Android smartphone. Not only wallpapers for the homescreen but also for the lock screen, for Whatsapp or wallpapers to use as a cover photo on Facebook, a complete application for graphic customization of Android.

Let’s talk about one of the best not the most popular (over 80 million downloads and 4.6 stars out of 5) app for the selection of animated wallpapers available for free for your smartphone.

DOWNLOAD | HD wallpapers


It is an animated background that presents three different environments. The peculiarity of these backgrounds is that they are made in pixel art style. In addition, this application has been designed to reduce the consumption of the battery.

DOWNLOAD | Pixelscapes Wallpaper

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Chrooma Live is an app that generates random wallpapers over a certain period of time. The proposed backgrounds are in full style minimal and material design. The passage between the backgrounds takes place in a dynamic and fluid way. We suggest you try this live wallpaper app if you adore a minimal style for your homescreen.

DOWNLOAD | Chrooma Live Wallpaper

Premium HD wallpapers

As well as the first, not even in this app of wallpapers and animated wallpapers denotes a lot of imagination in the choice of the name, fantasy instead that is widely found in the large and very rich catalog of photos and imagesPremium HD wallpapers allow you to browse through 20 categories ranging from classic city and animal photos to abstract or material design backgrounds.

One of the best options to keep your device up-to-date is the Dynamic Backgrounds option, this will set a different background from a specific category of your choice at each interval of time chosen by you.

DOWNLOAD | Premium HD wallpapers

Mountains Now

It is an animated background that incorporates Google Now graphics. The app offers 4 different themes that change over time.

DOWNLOAD | Mountains Now


It’s a very special app made by Google Creative Lab. It mainly serves to show information about the battery, the notifications and the Wi-Fi signal through animated wallpapers in minimal style.


Wallrox Wallpapers

For lovers of minimal style and for those who want to give a touch of fashion to their smartphone. Wallrox Wallpapers is an app with more than a thousand wallpapers in ultra-high resolution Ultra HD, all backgrounds designed to best fit the style of those looking for a minimalist touch to their home screen.

Not only minimal, however, you will also have many wallpapers and animated wallpapers that refer to the classic material design typical of Android, as well as backgrounds with blur effect, crystallized and much more. Here also the possibility to set the automatic updating of the background with the Live Wallpaper option.

DOWNLOAD | Wallrox Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers

Finally here is a latest app of wallpapers with a catalog very rich in photos and images in high definition. 3D Wallpapers is one of those apps that simply does what it needs without too many frills. With this application you will have plenty of photos and images of all kinds and you can browse by category and change the background with a simple click.

The catalog is constantly updated, you can also select your favorite photos in it and keep them apart. One last note to say that one of the best qualities of this app is the absence of invasive advertising and various pop ups during use.

DOWNLOAD | 3D Wallpapers

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