Here are the free music apps to download to have the songs and playlists always on your smartphone.
Download and listen to music for free: here's how

Those looking for sites and apps to download free music should know that there are many programs that allow downloading and offline listening of songs on your smartphone, PC or tablet. Not all of these, however, are reliable and functional, since downloading music for free is illegal and violates copyright. We must therefore try to understand which applications we can trust and which allow us to download good quality music without bombarding us with advertising or taking viruses.

Another element to consider is the reason why you listen to music: there are so many apps and some have a specific purpose. There are those that offer playlists for those who have a hectic life, who train or who go for a run. Then there are those that allow you to download tracks of particular genres, from indie to ringtones.

In short, in the market of free apps to download music there really is something for all tastes and lifestyles, for this reason we have selected some of the most interesting ones.

1. YouTube Music

The YouTube app dedicated only to music allows you to listen to streaming songs for free, provided you look at some advertising. The paid version, YouTube Music Premium, offers the possibility to play the songs without advertising breaks, but also to listen to music in the background and with the screen off, and to download the songs and videos on the phone.

If you want to take advantage of all these extra features at no cost, you can activate the free trial of YouTube Music Premium for 1 month. After the free period, the subscription costs $9.99 per month, but to save money you can share the monthly cost of $14.99 with the Family plan.

2. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is Amazon’s music streaming service available for iOS and Android devices and for Amazon Prime customers. The Prime Subscribers can indeed download music and listen to songs offline, for up to 40 hours per month. To eliminate this limit and be able to access the entire Amazon music catalog, you must activate your subscription for $9.99 a month or $99 a year, but before the subscription you can take advantage of the free 30-day trial.

3. RockMyRun

Here is a special application specifically designed for all those people who go to the gym and practice physical activity in the open air.

The application offers a wide range of downloadable playlists or that can be saved in cache. An interesting feature of this app is the recognition of the heartbeat: in this way the music will change depending on the exercise you are performing.

4. TinyTunes

This app is not available on the Google Store and requires manual installation on your device. Once the app is obtained, this allows you to download the tracks individually. All we have to do is open it and look for the song we want to put on the phone. The application is rather intuitive and once you have downloaded the songs you want to listen to, just go to the Library section where all the downloaded songs are saved.

5. FreeSound

FreeSound is only available for iOS, but it is an excellent app to download free music. Very similar to TinyTunes it allows you to download individual songs simply by searching for them in the appropriate section.

To listen to the downloaded song, simply go to the Download section and you will be able to see all the songs in your library.

6. Mp3 Music Download

This very intuitive app is quite convenient for downloading music. Its only flaw is the presence of banner ads that are not too annoying during use. Like the previous apps, all you have to do is look for the song you want to download and find all the songs in a special folder called: MaterialMusicDownloader.

7. Advanced Download Manager

This is perhaps the most difficult app to use among all those listed, but it has the great merit of being able to download both in Mp3 format and in Mp4. It also allows you to adjust the download speed to avoid wasting too much data if you are not connected to wi-fi.

Download Manager allows you to download songs individually and offers excellent music quality.

8. Deezer and Spotify

Known as the number one rival of Spotify, Deezer Music is one of the most popular streaming music services. Available for both Windows and Mac PCs (from browsers) and for iOS and Android devices via download from the App Store and Google Play, Deezer is free, but you can subscribe to a Premium subscription for $9.99 to enjoy advantages such as no banners advertising, unlimited skip and offline reproduction.

However, to download music from Deezer you need to use external tools as the app itself does not offer this function. One of the most popular methods for downloading mp3 songs from Deezer is Deezloader, also known as DeezerDownload, Deeze, Deezerio, DeeDown. However, all versions are illegal and Deezer has repeatedly blocked the operation. As for Spotify, instead, to download free music you have to activate the free Spotify Premium trial, then open the app and activate the Download option present under the Listen to shuffle button. Once the single song present in the playlist has been downloaded, the arrow icon will turn green and it will mean that the song has been downloaded to your phone.


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