ITis absolutely true that MACs are, unlike other operating systems, safe from viruses and malware that can jeopardize their proper functioning.

With today’s guide we will see together how to really understand if our MAC is affected by viruses and especially how to intervene in a timely manner.

The first signs could be a sudden slowness of the system, or a continuous opening of suspicious windows during normal web browsing.

The first thing to do is check if there is something wrong with the system, to do this we will use the Activity Monitor already included in your MAC.


To start the service just go to the “Other” folder, present in the applications of your MAC.

Once launched we can understand if there is any suspicious service running, checking the various CPU tabs, MEMORY, ENERGY, DISC and NETWORK.

As you will see, the screen that appears is very simple and intuitive.

If by chance you find a suspicious name in the list, you can learn more by clicking on the exclamation point at the top left, and decide what to do.

If the Activity Monitor has not unraveled your doubts, it’s time to act with third-party software.


This excellent software is currently one of the best and most efficient on the market, but how does it work?

It is a program that analyzes your MAC and if necessary removes all suspicious entries from the system.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner easily detects malware for MAC in addition to viruses for Windows.

Virus Scanner will detect every infected file that you have downloaded or received in your inbox, so as to always protect your MAC and avoid sending any infected files to your friends’ computers.

Before scanning, I suggest you click on the “update” button, in order to update the latest virus definitions.

Truly an excellent free tool that absolutely can not be missing in your MAC, you can download it from the box below.

[appbox appstore 500154009]


This fantastic tool also allows you to perform a fast and very reliable scan of your MAC.

The proven Malwarebytes technology destroys the growing threat of malware for MAC.

This allows optimal protection against malware and smooth operation of your MAC, detects and removes malware in real time with advanced anti-malware technology.

Scan your system automatically to detect dangerous threats, giving you worry-free protection.

It destroys the adware and potentially unwanted programs that slow down your MAC, and will always be like new again.

MAC scan takes less than 15 seconds on average.

Run a manual scan while waiting for your favorite game to load, when you’re ready to play, the scan will already be over.

The software is available for free at this link.


This program will instead help you to understand if one or more files in your MAC are infected by viruses.

The operation is very simple, just launch the application and select the suspicious file.

At this point all you have to do is drag the suspicious file into the software window and wait for the response.

This little free program draws on more than 50 search engines for viruses and malware, you can find it here.

The advice I can give you is not to download files from suspicious sites and keep your system up to date … see you next time!

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