INtoday’s article I wanted to show you the method, which is actually quite simple, to disable AdBlocker for those secure sites, or at least with minimally invasive advertising.

As we all now know, the AdBlocker is nothing more than an extension or a Plugin for Browsers.

It is able to block and make invisible all types of banner ads.

An AdBlocker allows users to prevent the display of certain elements of the page, such as online advertisements that often clog the navigation.

AdBlock is currently the most popular extension, born for Google Chrome, also had support for Safari in June 2010.

But there are many others, including AdGuard, a very simple and intuitive extension.


There are many sites with very invasive advertising, which in the worst case can also make web browsing impossible.

But there are also others, such as obviously Teknologya, which have little.

This does not affect navigation at all and above all contributes to the development by covering the costs of the site itself.

In this regard I wanted to inform you that it is possible with any Adblocker to put these sites on the white list, allowing the viewing of advertising content.


Let’s see for example how to disable AdGuard in Safari, but then again, the procedure is practically the same for any other AdBlocker and with any browsers.

In fact, just go to the site where we do not want AdBlocker to activate and go to the extension status icon.

Now with a simple click, choose to disable the AdBlocker for the portal in question, putting it in the White List!

Well, even today I have finished and I remind you that if you are interested in the contents of my site, consider disabling your AdBlocker for my portal, thank you!

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Also remember to disable your ADBLOCK for my site (no malicious code in it) so as to contribute to my growth, thanks!