Today, we will address a topic a bit ‘special, not treated on the web, but that can still be useful at any time, so in today’s focus we will talk about some free online services that allow you to put the words of a text in alphabetical order or in any other type of order.

If you have come across this article, then it means that the topic is of interest to you, so we advise you to spend 5 minutes reading the entire post to know the best 7 sites to put the words in alphabetical order simply using the resources online and without having to resort to the use of particular software to be installed on your PC.

Let’s find out now all the best features offered by these services, just to see if we are relying on the right tool.

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The Alphabetizer

We start as usual with a resource that we believe is among the best ever to order texts written in any way you want. The site in question is called The Alphabetizer and its best features are:

  • Possibility to order texts in alphabetical order
  • Ability to delete duplicate entries
  • Sort name lists alphabetically
  • Add numbers in front of the entries
  • Copy the ordered text to the clipboard
  • Save the list in PDF format
  • Create a shareable URL

Text Fixer

Another very useful tool that allows you to sort a list of names or any type of written text is text fixer. With this resource you can essentially:

  • To urinate a list in alphabetical order
  • Delete the duplicate entries
  • Possibility of choice on the ordering
  • Set a specific separator
  • Add columns and rows

Word Counter

The third resource that we analyze is called Word Counter and as the name suggests, it is a service created with the sole purpose of counting the number of words but also to put them in alphabetical order (or any other order). The main features of Word Counter are enclosed in the following:

  • Editor in which to paste the words to be sorted
  • Delete duplicate words
  • Sort by surname
  • Input formatting options
  • Add numbers and letters


Another useful online tool for sorting words alphabetically is AppZaza, which is nothing but an equal resource in all respects to those described in the previous paragraphs. Since the main features are very similar to those of “colleagues” it is useless to dwell in the description, you just need to know that to sort a list in alphabetical order, you must paste the text in the editor and proceed with the sorting.


Dcode is another useful free online resource that allows you to put words in alphabetical order, even if you have a fairly full-bodied and long text. What can you do with DCode?

  • Sort a list of words in alphabetical order
  • Sort a list in reverse alphabetical order
  • Use the editor to insert the text
  • Download, copy or print the new text

Gill Meister

Another great tool that we decided to include in today’s list is Gill Meister, which is nothing but a site that allows you to sort in alphabetical order a text or a series of words. It is a very simple tool to use, so it is really affordable for everyone. If you are looking for an extremely simple resource, then you must consider Gill Meister.

Mini Web Tool

The last instrument of today’s focus is Mini Web Tool and presents itself with a single sorting function (alphabetical order). To exploit this resource, you must paste the text to be sorted into the current editor and choose whether to arrange the words in ascending order or in descending order.