5 WebSites to Change Online Video Resolution

Do you have a deep passion for Video Editing and would you like to know some service that will allow you to greatly improve your videos? You already have everything you need to create and edit a video, but do not know how to change its resolution?

In the content of today’s post, you will find a careful selection of 5 sites to change the resolution of online videos without having to resort to complex programs, difficult to use, which may even be available only for a fee.

If instead of online services you prefer to have something on your PC, which is always available, without having to do any kind of research, we advise you to take a look at the post dedicated to the best 6 free and portable video editors on Windows.

And if instead of a Windows PC, you have an Apple machine, the article you can refer to for video editing is the one dedicated to the best 6 programs to edit videos on Mac.

Now instead let’s get to know in detail these completely free websites that allow you to quickly and effectively change the resolution of your personal videos. Are you ready?

Online Services Index:


This is a fairly complete service that allows you to edit any type of file, from audio to video, even through pdf files.

What are the steps to be done to change the resolution of a video?

  • Access the service by following the link above
  • Select the Video tab from the menu on the left
  • Upload the video using the Browse button
  • Choose the final video format
  • Change the Options item and set it to Change Size, Bitrate or Frame Rate
  • Change the new fields according to your needs
  • Click Convert Now
  • Download the new generated file


EzGif.com is a tool dedicated mainly to editing video files (can also be used for editing other types of files), in our case can be used to change the resolution of our personal clip. In order to use this tool you must:

  • Go to the online service page via the link above
  • Load the video file using the Browse function
  • Click on Upload Video
  • In the new window, set all the settings according to your preferences
  • Click on Resize Video
  • We wait a few seconds for the conversion
  • Click on Save to save the video


Online Video Convert.com is another service completely dedicated to the modification of any type of file even if we are interested in the aspect of video. Compared to others is a very complete tool, in fact to change the resolution of our clips, we need to set some essential parameters for a correct file modification.

Although there are several settings to be performed is a very simple and intuitive tool and therefore truly affordable for everyone. If the first services presented do not satisfy you for any reason, then Online Video Convert can be the ideal solution for your conversions.


Another service we have decided to present and describe is FileZigZag and is nothing more than a simple tool that allows you to change the resolution of any type of video. To make it work properly you must:

  • Visit the site via the link above
  • Select the video to edit by using the Browse function
  • Choose the output format of the file
  • Set the settings that appear below correctly
  • Enter an email to receive the file
  • Click on the Convert button

Online File Convert

The latest free site of today’s focus on changing the resolution of a video file is Online File Convert. Essentially it has the same features of the services in this post, so to change or convert a video file you need:

  • Reach the site by link
  • Select the file to be edited using the Browse button
  • Enter the new values in the following fields
  • Click Convert File Now