Today we will list the best 4 free software to open MPP files (Viewer): these are specific applications used to quickly open and view files in Microsoft Project format. These programs are all free, and offer you many important features: for example, using them you can export MS Project files in MS Excel format, view the details of the project activities and resources, print the above files, view the critical paths and much even more.

So we do not have to show you what are the best free programs for this kind of operation.

Open WorkBench Free

In the place we find Open WorkBench Free : a robust and mature software, suitable for those who have already had experience with project management in MPP format. So it is a program that is especially suitable for programmers, but not only, since the management and modification of information is easy for anyone.

All you need to know is that thousands of developers and managers around the world use this program, or have used it in the past. This is because the aforementioned helps to create decompositions of the work with stages, activities and planning.

MPP Viewer

In the list of the best free software to open MPP files (Viewer) there is also MPP Viewer. This is a very basic application, which has a great advantage: it gives you the ability to open and view multiple MPP files at the same time.

This feature is made possible by a built-in multi-tab interface, which you will not easily find around. It is a program designed to be simple: it is portable and therefore does not require installation, it also consumes few resources of the computer.

It also has a search function to search for specific items in unfinished activities.

Project Planner Reader

Project Planner Reader is a valid alternative to the above listed software: it is a software that provides you with an avalanche of options to manage your resources and your activities, through a series of really well done diagrams. Among other functions you will also find calendars, graphs, reports and analyzes, along with the ability to print your projects. Finally, Project Planner Reader is always ready to give you any information you want, since you can just click on the items in the list. You can also filter the activities, if you want it.

Free Project Viewer

The last program listed is Free Project Viewer: it is a quick and spartan online application, which allows you to simply upload and view your files in MPP. It’s ideal if you find yourself working on a location without special programs, as you just need access to its online interface. It is also an excellent solution for those who do not want to install heavy programs.