Once again we find ourselves talking about photo editing and the most interesting tools to modify and make special your own photo shoots. Today’s post will be dedicated entirely to those nostalgic users of snapshots that can not do without that polaroid effect that has marked a real era.

Just to satisfy the requests of these particular users we decided to collect and catalog those that according to our thinking are the best 5 App for the Polaroid effect to photos on iPhone and iPad.

Essentially the Polaroid effect is nothing more than the application of the classic frame outside the photo as happened for the instant shots made with the machines 80 years. If your interest is to get a photo print that contains all the main elements of a classic photo taken with a Polaroid, we advise you to read the apps described in the following paragraphs.

Content index:

Instant: Polaroid Maker

The first application that we present is called Instant: Polaroid Maker and is a simple app for iPhone and iPad that shows the feelings and emotions of shots taken with an instant machine.

The main features proposed by this tool are:

  • 30 Photo effects to be applied including 10 inspired by polaroid
  • 10 fonts for the text to be inserted in the photo
  • 26 different edges to assign to the shot
  • Simple and fast sharing on the main social networks
  • App optimized for iPhone 5 and above

Unfortunately, this excellent resource is only available for a fee at a cost of $2.29, but we can guarantee that the application is worth the amount spent.


ShakeItPhoto can be considered as an app somewhat dated compared to others made with the same task. Basically it does a great job and is considered one of the best apps in circulation because of the easy use and for the final quality results. The main features of this resource can be summarized in:

  • Perfect polaroid effect
  • Possibility to apply different frames
  • Ability to insert text as caption of the photo
  • Quick sharing
  • Authentic Polaroid effects

This application is also available for iPhone and iPad only for a fee, at a cost of $2.29.

Camera +

Camera + is another very useful application but its use is a little more complex and does not present a real functionality to add the polaroid effect, but you have to work with the various effects and filters to get the desired result. The application is available for a fee, at a price of 3.49 but for all the functions offered, this is a fairly nasty amount. If you are a little more freak with graphics, then camera + is the ideal resource to have on iPhone and iPad.

PicsArt Photo

Another interesting application for iPhone for photo editing is PicsArt Photo which is nothing but a fairly complete tool that has quite complete and complex features that will ensure very satisfactory results.

A bit like the app described above there is no real Polaroid effect, but you have to use it sometimes to understand how it is possible to generate and create the Polaroid effect to apply to your photos. The resource can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and to enhance it you can also make in-app purchases.


The last tool that we describe in today’s article is called CameraBag2 and allows you to apply that beautiful Polaroid effect to your personal photos. In addition to the classic Polaroid effect, it allows the use of many other effects, filters and frames that are easily applicable. If by chance the previous instruments were not very interesting, CameraBag2 could be a really good alternative.