Chrome extension, Firefox, Opera to download all images at once from an internet page with the possibility to filter images based on size, resolution and format requirements

Download All Images is an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera internet browsers, with which you can download all the images on an internet page at once.

If you normally want to save an image from a web page to your computer, just click on it with a mouse right click and then click on the “Save image as” option in the context menu that appears.“Or similar, of course, such a procedure would be quite inconvenient and costly in terms of time if the might need to download multiple images from the same internet page, maybe a wallpaper gallery or more photos in general.

That’s precisely in these circumstances useful return the additional components such as Download All Images.

download all images 1

Once installed, when you need to download more images from a web page, just click the extension button to open the download options window (shown above).

To download all the images of the internet page in which you are located at once, you first have to click the Download All Images button added to the browser extension bar, to open the download options window in which you must finally click the “Save” button.

But by default, if you do not customize the settings, the add-on will download any image on the web page you are on, from the smallest to the largest.

However, if you want to filter the download of images focusing only on those that meet specific requirements, then you can use the filters made available in the download options:

  • File Size – That is based on the size of the image files indicating a minimum and/or maximum size (expressed in bytes taking into account that 1,000,000 corresponds to 1 MB) so as to download only images that fall within this range;
  • Dimensions (pixels) – That is based on the resolution of the image indicating a minimum and maximum size in height and width so as to download only those that fall into such dimensions;
  • Image Types – That is based on the type/format of the image. The “All Images” filter is set by default (ie “All images“), but you can select only specific image formats to download, excluding others and choosing from JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP.

Keep in mind that a filter does not exclude others, in the sense that the three filters in question can be used both singly, and two out of three, and three out of three.

Furthermore, to filter the download of the images it is possible to use the “Regular Expressions” based on their URL and/or the “Blacklisted keywords” with which to skip the images corresponding to the words indicated in the black list.

As mentioned above, once you have configured the options properly, to start downloading all the images at once you just have to click the “Save” button.

When the download is complete, a ZIP archive will be generated containing all the downloaded images, which can be accessed after unzipping the ZIP file.

By default the ZIP file as the name shows the title of the web page from which the download was made, but if necessary you can customize this information from the extension download settings.

download all images 2

As an alternative to what has been said up to this, with Download All Images (by calling the download options window and clicking here the “Gallery” button ) you can preview all the images it has detected on the web page you are visiting (as in the example above in the figure).

In the gallery mode you have the option to deselect unwanted images by acting on the respective checkbox, and then start the download, only those selected, by clicking the button that has the arrow pointing downwards as an icon.

Download All Images : For Chrome | For Firefox | For Opera