Badoo or Tinder: Differences Between Relationship Applications

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If you’re looking for free apps and dating sites, you’ve probably heard about Badoo, and especially Tinder, a popular app. Both aim to organize and promote meetings between users with common tastes and who are interested in each other through the photos posted on the network. However, some key features between both are worth considering when opting for one or the other. Check below what they are.


If you are looking for a tool whose interface is light, easy to use and intuitive, Tinder tends to be the best option. This is because Badoo colors easily tire your eyes, especially if it is worn at night.
In addition, the option to accept or decline a partner simply by sliding a finger across the screen gives the competitor a more modern and practical look.


Both Tinder and Badoo are available at iOS and Android app stores. Both, however, can be accessed through your web browser on any device.

User Interaction

Both apps allow you to send private messages. However, if you want to be able to text anyone, you are probably more likely to like Badoo, as the other app lets you chat only with people who have shown a prior interest in you.

Search Filters

When it comes to the number of filter options, both Badoo and its competitor can provide great service. In the first, filters are offered in large quantities and allow the user to select potential suitors by purpose, age group, location, gender, interests, physical type, languages ​​and marital status. To access all these configuration options in Badoo, however, you can only configure them in the web version of the tool.
Tinder, on the other hand, lets you sort filters by age, miles away, and gender, but lets you access these options on any platform.


Badoo has greatly improved privacy as it has taken steps to prevent fake accounts from being created (such as verifying through a photo of the user’s face). As such, it can currently be the most secure of all new user dating sites and apps. However, a large number of fake profiles were created when the site did not yet have this feature. To cooperate with the improvement of the site, it is worth reporting them.

Badoo or Tinder?

So, based on all of the above, Badoo tends to be a more effective way to connect with potential suitors, although in practical terms Tinder has the advantage. Therefore, when choosing between the two, try to take your needs into consideration.