How to Beat Granny and Get out of the House

Granny is an independent horror game, available for free for Android and iOS, in which we control a character who must escape from a house full of traps by solving puzzles, while avoiding a persecuting figure that kills you with just one blow, Granny. And yes, Granny is a harmless old lady.

Although Granny has the absurd premise of a psychopathic grandma who chases you like the Nemesis of Resident Evil, the game is quite punitive, so we will help you with a tip on how to beat Granny to close the game with tranquility.


How to Bug Granny

In the first room of the game, do the following:

  1. Take the vase on the table and head for the gap between the bed and the rectangular table. Release the vase and stay close to the bed, until the icon to hide under it appears;
    how to beat Granny 1
  2. When Granny appears in the room, start pressing the hide icon quickly and repeatedly to alternate the perspective of the game;
    how to beat Granny 2
  3. If you do it correctly, it will be stuck walking in the same place and you will be able to explore the house without any problems. If you don’t set the right time, you will die and start another day in the game;
    how to beat Granny 3

If you die, you can try the trick again.

But do not worry.

It is normal to make mistakes sometimes, but with a little practice you get the hang of it and you will be able to fight Granny and explore the environment calmly.

As it is a game where dying is very easy, I will leave some more tips for those who want to close the game in the race.

  •  Always use objects such as vases to make noise and distract Granny. Always throw objects in different places than you want to go, as the strategies are to trick the enemy to avoid conflict;
  • Forget the fight. You can even shoot Granny with the crossbow or shotgun at some point, but it takes time to find these weapons and you will just stun Granny, as she is immortal.

Granny and Slendrin’s Secret

Slendrina is the granddaughter of our sociopathic grandma and the main antagonist of the game of the same name. The curiosity is that “Slendrina” is another series of horror games developed by the creator of Granny. So we can say that we have a kind of “Grannyverso”.

To summon Slendrina in this game, the player must take the teddy bear that is in a secret room on the second floor of the house. Stay tuned on how to do this and discover another secret of the game.

  1. Follow the corridor in room 2 and at the end of the corridor, you will find a secret room behind the boxes at the end of the corridor;
    how to beat Granny 4
  2. Drop the boxes and go down a ladder, after that drop the boxes next to the bookcase and find the secret room, then press the wooden button and find the teddy bear;
    how to beat Granny 5
  3. After that, go back to the attic and place the teddy bear in the crib. Smoke will appear and Slendrina will appear;
    how to beat Granny 6

When you manage to leave the house, you will see Slendrina with Granny at the end of the game. You can find other information about the game’s creator and the “Grannyverso” in the Encyclopedia of the game, made by Granny fans.