Hearts of Iron IV codes and cheats : Win easily

Hearts of Iron IV is a game of combat strategy, resources and development. The game takes place in the bloody scenario of the greatest world conflict in history: World War II. The codes and cheats from Hearts of Iron IV will help you win.

Hearts of Iron IV

It is an unrestrained arms race to defeat enemies. Among weapons and materials research, the development of international politics and internal conflict control within its territory also stands out. Within this historical scenario so remarkable worldwide.

With so many details in the same game we made a guide of codes and cheats for Hearts of Iron IV so that the player can get some advantage. The important thing is to win, and they even use espionage and sabotage; but in this case, it can be with cheats.

How to activate cheats

To enter the codes just open the game console (key‘ ), or:

  • SHIFT ) + ( );
  • SHIFT ) + ( );
  • ALT ) + ( ) + ( )

After entering the codes just press the ( ENTER ) key

Heart of Iron IV codes and cheats

cpAdds command power (max 100%)
stAdds stability (max 100%)
wsAdds war support (max 100%)
gain_xp (value)Adds selected experience (Leader or General) 
whitepeacePolitical climate back to how it was at the beginning of the war
allowdiploCommanders use diplomatic actions without justification
debug_nukingNuclear weapons in any province
research_on_icon_clockInstant tree item search
xpAdds experience to all your units
ppIncreases your country’s political power
civilwarCivil war begins within a country
Decision.NoChecksIgnores requirements for decision making
nukeAdd nuclear bombs for your country
yesmanAll computer countries accept diplomatic decisions
frontsEnables / Disables view of borders
traderoutesEnables / Disables view of trade routes
morehumansAdd population in your country
ai_invasionWhether or not the computer allows naval invasions
ai_acceptForces or not the computer to accept diplomacy

How to add specific equipment

To add items use the code:

add_equipment [quantity] [equipment name]

  • Support Equipment
  •  Modern Tank
  •  Infantry Equipment III
  •  Motorized
  • Mechanized
  • Light Tank II
  • Medium Tank
  • Grosstraktor
  • Super Heavy Tank
  • Marine
  • Mountain
  • Towed Anti-Tank
  • Towed Anti-Air
  • Towed Artillery
  • Rocket Artillery
  • Fighter I
  • Close Air Support I
  • Heavy Fighter
  • Tactical Bomber I
  • Strategic Bomber I
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