Here is the list of 50 paid apps and games those are promoting their apps by giving them at free and at a discounted prices. And the main advantage of this offer is that you won’t have any need to pay extra money even after the end of their promotion period. Once you will install these apps and games, they will get associated with to your account and their hike in price won’t affect you. Let’s have a look at our list:

Note: This offer is for a limited time only.

Best Paid Apps for free


[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Alarm Clock Pro – Music Alarm (No Ads)

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.ihandysoft.alarmclockpro]

Ner – Photo Editor, Pip, Square, Filters, Pro

[appbox googleplay screenshots cf.fastpro.ner.photo_editor]

80s Music Radio Pro

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Trueshot Swing Time

[appbox googleplay screenshots pt.bluecover.swingtempo]

BMI Calculator

[appbox googleplay screenshots barwick.bmicalc]

Metapod – Podcast Manager

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.podmux.metapod]

Far West Train Comomola – Railroad Game for kids!

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.comomola.trains]


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.nodetrack.angle]

Survival Online GO

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.gameline.survivalonline]


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.math_decimals]

Math Grouping Brackets

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.math_brackets]

Multiplication and Division

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.multipl_division]

percentage math fun

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.percentage_full]

Buff Knight Advanced – Retro RPG Runner

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.buffstudio.bka]

I Love My Circle

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.ilovemycircle.ilovemycircle]

League of Stickman 2017-Ninja

[appbox googleplay screenshots me.dreamsky.stickman]

Math Tester

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Chrooma Float Live Wallpaper

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

KubeX premium icon pack

[appbox googleplay screenshots kubex.icon.pack]

MAMBO Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.dff.mambo.icons]

Sweets – Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.thegosa.sweets.iconpack]

Symbon Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.rainystudio.symboniconpack]

Darkor – Super Amoled, Dark, HD / 4K Wallpapers

[appbox googleplay screenshots cf.fastpro.darkor.amoled.wallpapers]

Glos – Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.rainystudio.glosiconpack]

HD Wallpapers – Full HD (Pro)

[appbox googleplay screenshots cf.fastpro.hd.wallpapers.fullHDpro]

Pillow – Icon Pack

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.kandara.pillowiconpack]

Apps at Discounted Price

GO Boy! Pro – GBC Emulator

[appbox googleplay screenshots cantho.huyanh.gbcpro]

Drums Sheet Reading PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Ear Training PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Learn how to play Drums PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Read Music PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots air.LecturaMusicalPracticaPRO]

Learn to play Bass Guitar PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Learn how to play Piano PRO

[appbox googleplay screenshots]


Voice Translator Pro

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Wifi Analyzer Pro

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Notes Recognition – Convert Music into Sheet Music

[appbox googleplay screenshots fm.mystage.note_recognition]

Games at Discounted Prices

Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.MontanaGames.Lowriders.Comeback2]

“Revenge Of Heroes”

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.fulldreamsproduction.roh]

Death Point

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.andiks.deathpoint]

The Book of Shadows

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.shadowinkdesigns.bookofshadows]

Icon packs & Customizations at a discount price


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coccco28.zeroground]

Black Cappuccino

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coccco28.blackcappuccino]

Cappuccino Chocolate

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coccco28.cappuccinochocolate]

Cappuccino Cream

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coccco28.cappuccinocream]

Desire Black Glyph

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coccco28.desireblackglyph]

Desire Black Gold

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.coccco28.desireblackgold]



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