Smartphones are the new era of mobile phones but they have a defect still hardly surmountable: the battery tends to last less and less.
Evidently, the technological evolution that has brought touchscreen displays with millions of colors, cameras, the possibility to watch movies and TV directly from the phone, has not however affected the battery that always runs out within a day or so.
On Android, the battery management can be significantly improved, especially on those more low-cost models, which have a poorer battery.
Let’s see together the best apps that you can use to save battery, in order to make the charge last longer and also for measure the energy consumption of each application and the function of the phone.

In general, to extend the charging of the mobile phone battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, network connection, screen lighting and so on should be disabled.
As a commentator said, however, in this way, what are you doing with a smartphone?
Fortunately, on Android, some applications allow you to automatically manage the activation and deactivation of the various features of the phone, depending on the time of day and depending on the available battery power.
In this post we will see the apps that can be downloaded for free, available on the Android market, to increase and improve the battery life of the phone.

1) Battery Doctor 

Battery Doctor is perhaps the application of this most complete list and we can download it from here -> Battery Doctor.Using the app we can keep an eye on the total waiting time before the battery is charged, we can prolong this charge and see reports on the energy consumption of the phone, Android tablet and each application used.
It installs a widget in the Android notification panel to keep an eye on the current battery level and the estimated time before it runs out.
The widget allows you to activate or deactivate the app’s options and thus save energy.
The app can trigger a personalized alarm when the battery reaches a critical level.


AccuBattery is among the best apps to check the health of the battery and can be downloaded here -> AccuBattery.
With this app we can know how much lower the performance compared to the theoretical performances that would be obtained if the battery were new.
In addition, AccuBattery tells us everything about charging and discharging cycles, timing, percentages and statistics, to understand what the battery runs out.
Accubattery, which is an app that I personally install on all my Android devices, also allows you to measure the capacity of your phone’s battery.

3) GO Battery Saver

GO Battery Saver is the app for those who want to measure how much battery can be saved if certain services are closed; the app can be downloaded here -> GO Battery Saver.
The app will tell us how much battery is saved if you turn off WiFi and Bluetooth or some of the processes that consume more battery. More than an automatic savings app, it is a battery-saving consultant.
Great also the widget, which indicates the charge and has the buttons to turn off the phone functions.

4) Carat

Carat is a convenient and useful battery saving app from here -> Carat.
This app does not work in the background (so it does not consume memory weighing down the phone) and can be started occasionally to receive advice on applications to be deactivated among those that consume too much battery.

5) DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one of the most intelligent battery saving applications, and can be downloaded from here -> DU Battery Saver.

This app helps us to gain battery charge of the mobile phone using automatic configurations of simple use, with immediate results from the first charge.
You can get up to 50% longer battery life for Android phones and tablets.

6) NQ Green Battery

NQ Green Battery is an automatic application that saves battery without having to worry and can be downloaded from here -> NQ Green Battery.
It enables or disables the Wi-Fi connection, mobile data and Bluetooth when they are not used and even when no active application is using connections.

7) 2x Battery 

2x Battery extends the battery life of Android smartphone in an automatic and intelligent way; we can download it from here -> 2x Battery.
Qust’app works by turning off the data and 3G connections when the phone goes into standby, but remains active in case there is a synchronization of some application so as not to miss even a notification.

8)Battery Defender

Battery Defender allows you to configure some energy saving profiles and can be downloaded from here -> Battery Defender.
We will thus have various savings profiles: a general one, one for the night and one for when the battery charge is under 30%.
The transition from one profile to another is automatic, just program the activation.

9) ES System 

Monitor ES System Monitor is a very complete task manager for Android that allows you to enable some automatic optimizations and can be downloaded from here -> ES System Monitor.
The most important functions are two: by pressing the menu button you can use the Start-up Manager to decide which programs and applications to deactivate when the phone is switched on (only on phones unlocked with root); the second function is essential to save money on the battery and is located in the power screen.
Going to the Others tab, you can configure the Automatic Airplane mode which causes a net saving of the battery at night, without switching off the mobile phone.
You can then configure a start and an end time for the Airplane mode which disables all connections, including the telephone.

10) Power Battery 

Power Battery is a new and powerful application to protect the battery power and make it last longer when using an Android phone and can be downloaded from here -> Power Battery.
With this app you can activate the Phone Mode which disables all the phone functions except the call; there is also a graphical display of how energy is used to see which active applications consume more battery power.
You can also receive alerts when the battery is running too fast and if an application is consuming too much.
Power Battery could really become a fundamental app to install on Android.

More Android apps to save battery

Those that we have reported here at the top are definitely the best apps we can try to save battery on Android, but if we want to get more here are some widgets and apps that we can install if we did not feel good with the previous ones:

1) Battery Savings With A Touch is a widget to add to the Android desktop which is a button to press when the battery is running out of charge.
It allows you to extend the charge by deactivating all Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooh, GPS, brightness, vibrations and synchronization in one go.

2) Battery Genie is able to monitor the battery life of any Android device at home and is useful for those with multiple smartphones or tablets.

3) Battery Widget is a battery widget for the home screen to see how much power remains at all times.
Using one or more applications of this type according to your preferences, you can really increase the autonomy of the Android phone by a good 50% if not more.