The best fighting games on Android 2018

Ah, the simple pleasures of the fighting game : two contenders who face each other and are beaten up for victory and supremacy, usually using fireballs, flying kicks and other imaginative forms of martial arts usually along a road.

The classics of the genre such as Street Fighter and Tekken also arrived in the arena of Android , but what game of mobile fighters is the best ?

Unfortunately, fighting games are not as widespread on Android as many would have hoped and there are not many notable games available at the moment.

The 2018 luckily saw some pretty welcome releases. There is therefore some hope that this kind will improve over time. Here are the best fighting games for Android .

Fighting games on Android

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

The Capcom’s Street Fighter series has been the iconic fighting game since the early nineties, and the mobile offer in the franchise certainly does not disappoint. Street Fighter IV undergoes a graphical downgrade in the conversion from PC and console to mobile, but the good news is that the sophisticated combat system remains intact, with all the characters and moves of the classic game.

By default, the game uses a virtual gamepad on the screen (although you can add a personal controller), and Street Fighter veterans will be as comfortable as the red gloves worn by Ryu. In the case there is also an optional button for special moves, designed specifically to make it easier for everyone here who are not comfortable with touch screen controls.

Unlike many combat games on mobile devices, there is no access for daily rewards, no gaming currency to level up your fighter’s punches and no casual unlocking of characters, moves or gambling-style features.

The free version of the game is similar to an old school demo, in which you can play as Ryu against three classic characters. A single purchase in the app unlocks all other fighters and various game modes including arcade, survival and online.


Shadow Fight 3

The Shadow Fight series was developed natively for mobile devices. Although the previous titles in the series provided for battles between black figures almost shapeless, Shadow Fight 3 brings all the action to light and with excellent graphics.

Unlike traditional combat games, you will have to choose a character that you can customize through his equipment: armor, melee weapons and ranged weapons.

The equipment is linked to one of the three factions: The Legion (Medieval European themed), the Dynasty (Wuxia Chinese) and the Heralds (anime-samurai). The ability to combine different factional equipment and select different special moves gives you a lot of variety, as each combination requires different game tactics.

Shadow Fight 3 plays with a surprising depth, with rigid controls through a virtual gamepad and a contained movement that requires a proper shape and timing to be able to know the reach, speed and power of your weapon compared to your opponents.


Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel is a series of fighting games for Reliance Games robots. Unlike most of its titles, these games feature classic arcade style combat controls.

This means that you will have to move and hit yourself by taking advantage of your player skills. There are four games in the robot combat series, each with its own set of mechanics and things to do.

The most popular, Real Steel World Robot Boxing , includes customization, multiplayer and a couple of other game modes. Unleash your style of combat with deadly blows, uprights and special moves that will make you win the world championship belts, collect trophies and send your friends to KO.


EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is one of the most popular fighting games currently available for Android. It features decent graphics, a list of 70 MMA fighters (including the most famous male and female fighters), and tons of game content to play with. The controls are not great, the choice is between touching or scrolling.

There is not much space for game tactics. However, it’s not a bad way to spend five minutes. It’s an EA sports game that has in-app purchases. So many fans of EA games know what to expect.


Mortal Kombat X

The classic Mortal Kombat that we all know and love. Their latest title for android, dubbed Mortal Kombat X, takes all the bloody battles and deadly kicks from the console and optimizes it for mobile devices.

He has all the characters we have come to love and expect from a Mortal Kombat, and some new ones to keep things fresh and fun. Surprisingly even the touch controls on the screen are made well.

They manage to be easy enough to master in a short space of time, and they do not make you think that you could lose a fight because of some flaw. The 3 × 3 battles are really fun and it’s completely free.

However, this is a bloody and violent game, so we probably do not recommend it for younger children.


Fatal Fury Special

If you played fighting games in the 1990s, you might remember Fatal Fury. The updated version for android has 16 characters to play with and a new combo system that will keep you glued for quite some time on your smartphone.

One of the best parts of this fighting game is definitely the local multiplayer option, available via Bluetooth. So, gather your friends and lose yourself in a real retro game.



Not many apps these days can boast of being free, but Animelee belongs to that small group of those they can. The fighting game is animal-themed, with a series of beasts fighting against each other for supremacy.

Each animal has its own set of moves. At the moment there are 14 animals, but the developer will add others in the future. Considering that the game is completely free, it is definitely worth trying. Do not expect anything too serious; there is a slight sense of irony in this fighting game. After all, you can choose a dolphin to fight a kangaroo.


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