Golf is a fairly special game, so not all gamers like to compete in this particular sport, but we assure you that the games we are about to present you will offer a unique fun, also because not all gameplay is based on the classic game of golf.

We know better the elements of this collection, so as to understand how realistic and creative they are and if they are really as fun as the gamers who tested them. Let’s see best 7 golf games for PS4.

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The Golf Club 2

Let’s start the review of the gameplay with the best golf game ever for PS4: The Golf Club 2. It is presented with graphics taken care of in the smallest detail that makes the game mode really realistic and almost seems to be really on the best Green in the world.

It is possible to exploit the game mode in single player and challenge other users online or overcome the challenges imposed by the computer. In addition you can create custom characters to which you will have to assign style of play, physical characteristics and any other detail that serves to complete the physical appearance of our player.

Of course, being the golf club managed directly from the Joystick you have to spend a lot of time to fine-tune the shooting technique and improve the aim of the shot. To achieve the characteristics listed a little while ago, the game also provides a training mode in which you can do your best to improve your skills.

Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour

Another game of goals for PS4 that we decided to put on today’s list is Rory McLroy: PGA Tours. It is defined by many as one of the best of golf games ever for its game features but especially for how it simulates reality. Compared to the previous game, Rory McLroy: PGA Tours brings the best golf courses in the world, so we can test our game skills on greens like Bay Hill and Royal Troon as well as challenging real characters like Rory McLroy and Jonas Blixt.

What to say, you will not be able to understand the potential of this game if you do not try to play at least once. Recommended!

Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf
 instead is a game a bit ‘different from those described previously, in fact if the first two base their success on a great simulation and reproduction very close to reality, this gameplay is based primarily on fun and simple game mechanisms that make it accessible to all users.

The game begins by creating your own character to which you must assign all the physical characteristics (haircuts, type of face, accessories, etc.) and as the tournaments are completed, new features will be unlocked that will greatly improve your player.

Infinite Minigolf

And here finally a game that deviates a lot from the classic golf games, in fact Infinite Minigolf comes with a series of special features that allow the player to play different levels with different objectives such as collecting gems and hitting targets. Each level that is completed, will return a certain number of coins that will serve to improve and develop the protagonist character.

The settings are all of fantasies but you can also create courses that can be accessed by all users and from different consoles.

Dangerous Golf

Do not you like the classic golf games and look for someone to make you crazy, maybe destroying everything? The game you have to buy and use then is definitely Dangerous Golf. As you may have guessed from the name, it is a complete destruction game in which the gamers will be catapulted into very special settings like the back of a kitchen and art museums.

The primary purpose of the game is to destroy as many objects as possible and send the ball into the hole using the elements made available in the level faced.

100ft Robot Golf

Do the usual golf games bore you? Are you looking for something extravagant and creative that can entertain you in your free time? If these are your requests then we do not recommend anything else but try to play 100Ft Robot Golf, a great gameplay in which the absolute protagonists are giant robots that will have to complete all the objectives imposed by the level to improve the qualities of the robots.

The primary purpose is to challenge other competitors, try to knock down the antagonist robot and finally send the ball into the hole.

Party Golf

We close today’s article with a simple game, cute and suitable for everyone. The gameplay is called Party golf and is the game to be exploited during the holidays to challenge friends and relatives in multiplayer mode which can join up to 4 participants. The goal is simple: You and your friends will have to go into the hole before the time limit set by the timer expires.

You can challenge yourself in over 100 game modes, each with different goals and goals. If you are looking for a game of golf off the screens, Party Golf is the ideal game to buy for your PS4.