Today we will provide you with a list of the top 10 free registry cleaning programs on Windows. It is an article that you should not miss, especially because of the usefulness of these software.

What is it? In practice, thanks to these applications, you can remove all unnecessary items from the registry of the above operating system: such as in the case of entries that point to files that no longer exist, and which may represent the cumbersome garbage.

Of course these programs should be used only for this specific purpose, and should be launched periodically.


CCleaner is absolutely the best free registry cleaner for Windows: everyone knows it, and it’s strange that you’ve never heard of it because it’s incredibly famous software. It’s also the most efficient if we have to say it all, because it’s so easy to use, has a clean interface and a menu that clearly shows all the options you can take advantage of.

It also allows you to back up the system registry before making any changes. Among the many options available on CCleaner, you can also find the one that allows you to activate the automatic registry cleaning to solve any problem: highly recommended.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Another of the best software to clean the registry of this list is Wise Registry Cleaner: a program that is very close to the previous one, because of its convenient and functional interface.

We’ll tell you more: in some respects, this application also exceeds CCleaner and it’s really amazing that it’s free.

Among the best options you find, we have a quick scan of the registry, the ability to schedule the scan, updates on its status, and a series of alert levels, which are intended to help you understand if a problem is serious or if you it’s just nonsense. Finally, Wise Registry Cleaner is also available in a portable version.


JetClean is a registry cleaner produced by BlueSprig: it is not very famous, although it must be said that the two previously exposed practically monopolize this sector.

That said, this program deserves to be among the best for some very specific reasons: firstly it has the ability to scan the whole system registry in a few seconds, so it turns out to be one of the fastest ever.

Furthermore, it has a well-designed interface and a series of really special options. On the other hand, it also has some functions of dubious usefulness: such as the maintenance of cookies and the attempt to install a toolbar on your browser.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

In the list of the best free programs to clean the registry on Windows is also Auslogics Registry Cleaner: another excellent software, very easy to use (perhaps the simplest of all) and also functional in all its equipment.

This application has a characteristic that has struck us in particular: the evaluation of the severity of the damage to the register, through a color scale corresponding to different categories of alerts.

Each section of the registry is scanned and labeled with colors, which will help you better understand which issues could have the greatest impact on your computer. If the other programs fail to repair the errors you register, you’ll want to try this out.

AML Registry Cleaner

AML Registry Cleaner is a virtually unknown program, which only a few users know: and it’s a real shame, since we are dealing with a small brilliant pearl. Why do we tell you this? Because the above application, despite the old-style interface, is one of the most solid in the search and repair of errors on the registry.

It also has a myriad of additional tools that will allow you to get away from any trouble with the registry.

Registry Repair by Glarysoft

It will not be the best, but Registry Repair by Glarysoft is still a good alternative to the previous list.

This is because it is very easy to use, and can find and solve some problems that may have escaped the programs listed so far. It is certainly not one of the best main options, if we talk about free programs to clean the registry on Windows, but it is an alternative that is worth keeping in mind.

SlimCleaner Free

Personally we were very impressed by SlimCleaner Free: a program that, in addition to the standard functions for cleaning the registry, also has a series of really remarkable and above all free extras. For example, let’s talk about automatic checks for software updates, startup optimization and much more. Another advantage is the following: it works with all versions of the Windows operating system.

Jv16 PowerTools Lite

Jv16 PowerTools Lite also enters in our list of the best free programs for cleaning the registry on Windows: mainly because it is a very reliable product, given the fame of the software that created it (Macecraft).

In reality this program has very similar characteristics to some already seen: it is extremely fast, and is able to find a series of registry errors that other software unfortunately tend to ignore.

Kingsoft PC Doctor

Also listed in our list is Kingsoft PC Doctor, another registry cleaner that is actually incorporated directly into a large suite of programs. We decided to talk about it because of its peculiar characteristics: its simplicity of use in primis, but also the ability to identify certain errors in the registry very complex to find.

On the other hand, it is not free from defects: for example it does not allow you to schedule automatic cleaning of the register, since the aforementioned can only be launched in manual mode. But it must be said that these scans find a very high amount of problems.


EasyCleaner appears last only by combination: in fact it is one of the free programs to clean the registry on Windows more solid by itself, also because of its experience in the field. It’s a bit ‘dated but still performs well its tasks: the scans are excellent, although it must be said that they require much more time than its antagonists.

On the other hand, it does not try to install any troublesome additional components, an aspect that is to its advantage.