Best Instagram plugins for WordPress

In addition to historical social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has recently become a social tool to share photos. It is an instant sharing tool that is well suited to the creation of communities and for this reason, it may be useful to integrate it into your blog. Today I present the best Instagram plugins for WordPress.

The best Instagram plugins for WordPress

First of all a curiosity that maybe you do not know …

Instagram, like WhatsApp is owned by Facebook

and since it was acquired in 2012, many interesting features such as live video, scrolling photos and sponsored posts have been introduced.

Well, let’s get back to topic and see what are the best wordpress plugins for Instagram.

Instagram Gallery

According to the developers is the fastest and easiest way to view Instagram images in a WordPress site.

Visualization takes the form of a slide or an image gallery. Simply enter the username of the public Instagram account and you’re done. Lately it has been included the ability to view Instagram images that have been tagged with a certain #Tag.

A trial demo is also available on the plugin page to see the plugin running before downloading it.

Instagram Feed WD

Instagram Feed is a plugin with many customization options. The images are chosen by Instagram by selecting an account or a #Tag. The main features are:

  • Responsive display
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unlimited Instagram feeds
  • image selection based on hashtag
  • image selection based on account
  • metadata display (image, bio, number of posts, etc.)
  • thumbnail view
  • image browser
  • sorting options
  • pagination
  • transition effects
  • download of original Instagram images

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed allows you to simultaneously view multiple feeds of multiple public Instagram accounts. The main features of this Instagram plugin for WordPress are:

  • Simplicity of configuration
  • Compatible with the latest version of the Instagram API
  • View multiple accounts
  • Responsive technology for desktop and mobile
  • Fully customizable (height, width, number of photos, number of columns, image size, etc.)
  • Displaying thumbnail images, average size, or actual size
  • Infinite loading with the ‘Load More’ button
  • Random or chronological order of display
  • Possibility to modify the CSS to customize the look of the feed

Feed Them Social

Very versatile and customizable plugin. It’s not just an  Instagram plugin for WordPress but for all the major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Despite this feature that makes it one of the best WordPress plugins for Instagram, it is very easy to configure. Here are its main features:

  • Simplicity of installation and configuration
  • Viewing images from Instagram, pages, albums and Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts
  • Insert feeds in posts, WordPress pages or Widgets
  • Easy management of Shortcodes related to feeds
  • Responsive design
  • Sharing options
  • Like and Follow buttons

In the premium version have been implemented many other features and assistance is very fast.

Instagram Slider Widget

If you are looking for a plugin to insert Instagram images into WordPress in a column of your blog, this is the plugin for you. It’s not the dozens of settings of others, and it’s not very customizable, but it’s quick and easy. It allows you to view the last 12 images of a public profile and the last 18 of a #Tag. Other features are:

  • Instagram images are imported as WordPress attachments
  • does not need Key API
  • display as thumbnails or as a slideshow
  • random display, chronological or by popularity


As you can also see to insert Instagram photos in WordPress, there are many free solutions. These are just some that I think are the best and if you use others and you want to add them in them in the list, you can enter a comment below.

See you soon

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