Best MMO games Free to Play and download for PC in 2018

Best 20 free games of the year to play on PC in multiplayer of the MMORPG, MOBA, strategy and action genres

MMO games are always the most played on PCs rather than on console, because they require time, because they play well with keyboard and mouse, because they are multiplayer and often require to chat or otherwise participate in the community of players, both to make alliances, both to discover the secrets to become stronger and more competitive.

The MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ) is a genre based on freedom, with a vast number of players coming together and competing.

The new MMORPGs are full of potential, although they often take too long to create the character, which for many may be boring.

In this list we will see all the new MMOs that deserve time, which are constantly evolving and updated frequently, multiplayer with RPG elements.

Among the MMO games Free to Play or free to download for PC, we see here, which are the best games to start in 2018 and 2019, recommended because they are more beautiful than the others and because they are more competitive, often with millions of players all over the world they challenge each other online.

Best MMORPG Free

1) Blade & Soul is a new MMORPG for martial arts fans, with battle scenes visually full of animations and devastating attacks combined.

This MMO turned out to be so popular in Asia that a 10,000 signing petition was signed to persuade its publisher to release it in North America and Europe as it happened.

The world of this game is inspired by Chinese mythology, with 11 distinct classes and a story of diabolical and poignant revenge.

Blade & Soul 2 was also recently presented.

2) MapleStory 2 is a new MMO followed by the lucky and historic MapleStory already reported several times in the past.

Set in the captivating Maple World, you need to free the evil world with powerful weapons and fantastic sets of armor at your disposal.

In addition to the deep dungeon crawl, diabolical bosses and public events to deal with mates and anime-style graphics, you can have fun both to continue the missions and relax with the mini games and decorating your home.

In this world so complete there are activities for all tastes, almost in a real virtual life.

3) Tera has always been one of the best MMORPGs for several years, with traditional action-based MMO combat, far removed from click-and-wait systems seen in almost all other MMOs.

Combining combat with flashy images, TERA is really nice to see and play.

4) Guild Wars 2 was launched in 2012 and is still one of the best ever, thanks to continuous expansions and updates.

The vast world of Guild Wars 2 is its main attraction, with dynamic events that draw players, friends and strangers together.

The game is buy-to-play, but only for expansion packs.

The main game is free and, above all, there are no microtransactions to be stronger and have the best equipment.

5) Crossout is set in a post apocalyptic world similar to that of the Mad Max films, based on building and personalization.

You can change parts of the body, weapons, electric gadgets and create the most powerful and strong death machine.

You can then join one of the factions and then push the car towards the all-out battle.

6) Revelation Online is one of the new MMORPGs that stands out among others for its elegant style, free combat, systems of progression and creation of incredibly profound characters and an open world.

It also has a lot of content for every type of player, both those looking for a game with PvE challenges, and those who want to play in PvP battles against other players.

This game also has a particularly interesting trick, to be able to reset the character at any time.

7) Riders of Icarus is a free and traditional MMO very engaging, with hundreds of potential animals to drive and fight.

Wherever you go to Riders of Icarus, you will find many new and powerful creatures to capture and use, from adorable forest animals like kangaroos to ancient fire-breathing dragons.

Obviously you will need to tame them before you can exploit their strengths and Riders of Icarus makes this game mechanics as important as dialogue or combat.

8) Mu Legend is an action RPG where you have to mow a horde of demons with a huge huge sword.

This new MMORPG boasts a creator of different characters, a series of leveled and endless dungeons and PvP battles to continue unabated.

The main objective is the fast and brutal, compelling and high level combat.

9) Eve online is a space MMO, without paywall and free for a short-range gaming experience.

The upgrade allows you to live the fantasies of a space truck driver without having to pay a registration fee, so you can conduct a huge galactic war against the enemies or take advantage of all the bloodshed to raid.

The galaxy is also constantly updated with new regions to explore.

10) ArcheAge is an ambitious MMO, a giant sandbox where you can live like a fantastic pirate.

Like so many MMOs, its world is constantly evolving thanks to frequent updates, the last of which is ArcheAge Legends Return which adds dragons to the exceptional series of vehicles and means to fly.

In addition, thanks to the progression servers, you can experience the game as it was at launch and see the new features added piece by piece, ideal for new players.

11) Rift is a fantastic _MMO online from 2011, free to play, improved over time..
The game is obviously inspired by World of Warcraft, is engaging and full of events.
The fantastic world of Rift is full of monsters to kill and destroy, earning rewards and freeing the area.

This is a game and excels at bringing large groups of players together and getting them to fight on missions and raids.

12) The Lord of rings online is for fans of the books of The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, based on the same universe.

The game allows players to embark on an epic adventure through the Middle Earth, fight alongside characters from books and movies and explore known places.
LOTR Online is very similar to any other MMORPG, with all the characters in the game on the same side, without any PvP action.

13) Runescape is the oldest game on this list, an evergreen MMORPG still updated and popular today.

The game has over 250 million accounts and recently received a downloadable version that gave new life to the title.

Runescape has a very open approach without a linear plot, with the freedom to choose its own path to progress.

The game also allows players to specialize in skills and play based on their particular skill progression.

14) Star Wars: The Old Republic is based on the wide universe of Star Wars, a great MMO that will surely please all the fans of the series.

The game has a strong progression driven by the choice of the player and a social game factor that brings players together from around the world.

The fighting mechanism similar to a puzzle is very different from the other MMOs and the constant addition of content always keeps the interest alive.

15) Dungeons and Dragons Online the game that is often referred to as the first RPG in history, where to create characters from scratch.

Unlike the table version of the game, which has a turn-based combat system, Dungeons and Dragons Online has a real-time combat engine.

The game follows a progression system similar to the other MMORPGs on this list, allowing players to undertake missions to level up and improve their characters.

16) Neverwinter is another game that draws inspiration from Dungeons and Dragon, set in the fictitious city of Neverwinter, with a plot-based progression.

The peculiarity of the game is its function that allows players to create their own stories and missions in the game.

17) Star Trek Online is another MMO with elements from third-person shooter to space exploration simulators to the MMO experience, adding a fun game.

Fans of the TV series and movies will find a lot of fun in finding familiar elements.
Developers continue to add new content regularly to keep players hooked on the game.

In addition to these not to forget there are also paid games like The Elder Scrolls OnlineWorld of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV are very popular and appreciated by lovers of the genre.

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