5 Best Online Facebook Cover Photo Makers

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Creating a Facebook cover is an important step in creating a visual identity for your personal profile, and even more for those who manage pages, especially products and services. After all, a good presentation is the first step in attracting fans, consumers, visitors and followers to your social networks.

5 Best Online Facebook Cover Photo Makers

How to Make a Cover Photo for Creative Facebook

The Facebook profile cover is displayed in a size of 851 x 310 pixels, and if the image you use is larger than that, you’ll need to adjust it so it looks better presentable. The width is automatic, leaving the user to adjust the height.

However, if you want to get attention and have a good presentation in your profile, a cute wallpaper is not enough, so it is essential to customize the image.

In general, the image can not have dimensions smaller than 399 x 150 pixels; the most advised is to be creative, and create a presentation that has to do with your profile.

About size, use equal or larger pictures (proportionally) at 399 x 150 pixels.

If you are creating a cover for a business page, it is essential that it reflects the service, or product you want to advertise. At the same time, it is important not to be offensive so as not to violate Facebook’s Terms of Service.

How do I create a creative cover for my profile?

There are some alternatives.

There are sites like:

For the most part, Facebook cover editors are free and offer simple image editing tools, with interesting backgrounds and text inclusion, high-quality photo bank images, and useful features.

Using them can be ideal for personal profiles. For your product page, always think about creating something that reinforces your brand, or that alludes to your latest products and services, to attract the audience to what you want them to consume. Image bank photos can be exchanged for photos of your products and services.

How to change your profile cover

Once edited on one of the above sites, it’s time to post:

  1. On the main Facebook page, click its name in the top corner;
  2. Point the mouse to the camera icon on the cover of your profile, and click Refresh Cover Photo;
  3. Click Upload Photo;
  4. Select the cover photo you created, which is on your computer, and click Open;
  5. Click the mouse over the photo and hold the button to adjust the height.
    The width is adjusted automatically.
  6. Click Save Changes.

And ready.


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