5 Best Open source video editing software for Windows

Today you will be able to discover the 5 best free and open source video editors for Windows. These programs offer various editing tools to cut videos, crop them, zoom them, apply transactions and effects, and so on. Among other things, you can also take advantage of some very advanced options, such as color classification, frame fusion, and even streaming playback. In other words, with these software you might not regret choosing not to pay for a professional editing program, finding everything you need at no cost. Let’s discover these programs.


OpenShot is probably one of the best free and open source video editors. With this program you can edit videos and get amazing results, for example adding transitions, subtitles, video effects and many other typical options for paid professional programs. In addition to all this, you also get the opportunity to use the many classic editing tools like zoom, the cutter, and the audio extractor. Finally, you can also change the orientation of the video, the layout, the playback speed and of course the transitions and animations. And you can count on many compatible formats.


Shotcut is another open source video editing program for Windows that you can use to edit your content without spending a penny. This software gives you tons of functionality, including color classification, de-interlacing, tone correction, and white balance. But there are also many other options, such as faders, automatic orientation, merging and animated transactions. Also know that this video editor contains some tools generally found in paid software, such as frame search, and cache miniaturization.


Blender is a 3D modeling software that also contains some very useful tools for video editing. What is striking about this program, however, is the presence of options such as motion tracking, composition, animations and of course all the tools typical of video editors, such as the cutter, zoom and so on. There are undoubtedly better programs than this but, its very particular nature, Blender could be a curious alternative to other apparently most famous and popular software of this. Also because you can even edit video codecs and much more.


If all you are looking for is simplicity, then you will fall in love with Avidemux: a very simple and immediate program, with a series of basic video editing functions but not for this reason very useful. One of the best features of this video editor is the Transform option, which allows you to change video frames, add a logo, take advantage of the black-out function and many other very appealing things. Finally, know that with Avidemux you will be able to take maximum care of adding background audio, as the program supports many different formats.


We close our list of the best free and open source video editors for Windows with VirtualDub, an authentic institution in this field. With this program you will be able to modify every single detail of the video, from color to frame speed, up to compression via video codec. And you can also apply many different filters. In other words, for $0 you can bring home an instrument that – although not really professional – guarantees you numerous quality options not easy to find in other similar software.

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