5 best photo editors for iPhone (iOS) in 2019

The iPhone has good photo editors, both for simpler uses and for more complex. Even a cell phone, with a smaller screen, can be used as an editing platform. Beginner users can also make use of simpler features or play with the more advanced ones, without relying on a desktop and monitor.

5 best photo editors for iPhone (iOS)
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In this list, we list the top five photo editors for iOS (iPhone), which bring a variety of features to advanced users, but they’re also simple enough for those who are less experienced to edit photos on their smartphone.

1. Photoshop Mix

The Photoshop Mix is the portable version of the powerful image editor Adobe. Unlike Lightroom, which frees usage for only 30 days before charging, this is completely free without any in-app purchases; all the tools are available right from the start, which makes it one of the best iPhone photo editors.

Like Photoshop for desktop, Photoshop Mix has a number of features, from the simplest to the most advanced, but it has a clean and uncomplicated interface, allowing less experienced users to crop, apply filters, add borders, and adjust color, brightness and contrast easily.

Photoshop Mix is free.

2. Pixlr

The Pixlr is a very powerful software, and go easy on the list of best photo editors for iPhone. The developer has been in the hands of Autodesk for a long time. It was very famous as an online publisher, and the mobile version is as versatile as it is.

The app brings a wide variety of fine-tuning, but it also has pre-defined settings for those who do not want to have a lot of work. It has a lot of ready-made settings and filters, so as not to displease any user profiles.

Pixlr is free, with in-app purchases such as ad removal and additional filters.

3. PicsArt

When it comes to editing mobile images, PicsArt is one of the most remembered apps. Although focused primarily on lay users, it has several more specialized tools, such as fine tuning and overlap, among others.

PicsArt is a more creativity-oriented app because it brings brushes, frames and filters and encourages the user to “freak out” on their creations, but with it, it is possible from simple adjustments to much deeper adjustments, all in a simple way.

PicsArt is free, and offers in-app purchases of more filters and frames.

4. Snapseed

Purchased by Google in 2015, Snapseed is a very powerful tool, and similar to Photoshop Mix, has all its free features right from the start.

The app has several adjustments that allow the user to make deep and delicate changes to their images, but also offers filters and simpler options, so that even those who do not have intimacy with photo editors will have no problem using it. And as is Google’s standard, the interface is very clean and intuitive.

Snapseed is free.

5. Fotor

The Fotor is one of the photo editors better evaluated the App Store, and for good reason: it not only has a series of basic and advanced tools such as facilitates everything from capture to final output.

Unlike everyone else on this list, Fotor is also a camera app, and can be set as the iOS standard for capturing photos. After clicking, you can adjust specific elements or add filters, brushes and effects from the most diverse. Overall, it is one of the most comprehensive for both basic and advanced users.

Photor is free, and offers in-app purchases of additional filters.

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