Best programs to download videos from YouTube or other sites

Many are asking us what are the best programs to download videos. This is a really advantageous solution if you want to download a movie found on the net, on YouTube or on other channels.

Even if you have a particularly slow connection, and streaming is constantly a nightmare, programs to download videos can help you with that. You will have the possibility to save your favorite contents on your PC without having to go to buffering. 

In any case, remember to make sure that the videos you want to download are not covered by copyright. It would be an illegal and very risky procedure in legislative terms. If you have understood this point you are finally ready to know the best programs to download videos from the Internet, directly on your computer.

The best programs to download videos

Downloading videos with programs is a very simple process if you know the applications to use for this purpose. The applications which we will present to you today are completely free and do not need to buy features at a later time to work perfectly. Are you ready to find out?

4K Video Downloader

The first alternative that we want to present is 4K Video Downloader and will give the possibility to download videos from the network in an easy and fast way. It allows you to choose between different formats and resolutions making the process extremely simple.

The versions that you can find on the official site are multi-platform and are available for both Windows and MacOS. Simply connect to the main page and click on the download button to start using the application. Once installed open it and start to download freely. One of its pros is that it allows you to download up to 25 films at the same time.


Another really interesting alternative is ClipGrab, an application to download videos that works well on both Windows and MacOS ecosystemsLike the previous solution, this tool can also be found free on the official website.

Once downloaded and installed, avoiding promotional software, you will need to select the downloads tabHere, paste the video link and select the format. Also set the resolution and press the “Download this clip” button. 


We had not forgotten about Linux users, but finding programs to download videos quickly and free is not easy. Fortunately, JDownloader comes to the rescuewhich in addition to being installed on Windows and MacOS, can also run on distributions derived from Linux.

You can download it directly from the official site and then proceed with the installation. Once the application is open you will have to get the link of the video you want to download from the Internet, paste it in the bar on the capture tab and press the Play button

aTube Catcher

Despite the name of this program suggests that it is able to download videos only from YouTube, aTube Catcher is actually very flexible and can be used on most sites available online.

One of the strengths of this application is certainly the ability to convert videos during the download, in a large number of movies, as well as being able to download multiple movies at a time. Once you have picked it up from this linkjust install it and start it. No special instructions will be required to use a truly intuitive interface.

Freemake Video Downloader

As the latest program to download videos, we offer Freemake Video Downloader. This application, downloadable in free version, allows you to download videos from many online services. Then why did we include it at the end of the article? Because it incorporates a small restriction that inserts a sort of watermark at the end of the video, which can only be circumvented with the purchase of the complete version.

Among the features, however, we also find the extraction of audio from the movie and the ability to convert it into formats compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can download it directly from the official websiteand then proceed with the installation. Once started, just click on paste web address to import the video link.

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