In recent years, selfie has become a real fashion especially with the birth of new smartphones that support truly exceptional cameras, capable of capturing the detail so as to transform the classic amateur shots into highly professional photographs. Selfies have reached the pinnacle of success especially after the emergence of social platforms like Instagram, based entirely on sharing photos to which filters and effects are applied to make them pretty and catchy. Today, for those who have an Apple device we will select and list a series of 5 iOS apps to make original selfies to be exploited and used at any time of day. If you have an iPhone and do not know some useful applications to take selfies, we suggest you to continue reading and discover with us these fantastic apps (some paid and others free). If you have an Android device, however, we recommend that you read our previous list of Android apps for perfect selfies.

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1. Instagram – ^


Our current selection could not begin without the Instagram application. This is an app designed to edit and publish highly personalized selfies directly on your Social profile and share them with your friends. The best feature of the Instagram app is that it synchronizes with many other apps that allow more customizations on their selfies like adding text or overlapping the elements present in the shot. With the latest updates, users have more control over the various features during the editing process, especially now you can manage details such as contrast, exposure and saturation.

Cost : Free

2. oSnap – ^


oSnap is perhaps the best and easiest app to use to shoot your perfect selfies, but is only available for a fee. The primary feature of this resource is that to take the selfie you do not need to touch the classic shutter button with precision, in fact you just need to exert a small pressure anywhere on the display. Another excellent feature is that there are no menus or other invasive elements that can ruin or make the shot difficult. Nothing particularly complicated, right?

Cost : $2.99

3. FrontBack – ^


Are you on holiday in an earthly paradise? Would you like to take a selfie that contains the surrounding panorama but do not know which iPhone app to rely on? Do not worry, we are here to suggest certain resources to achieve certain goals. The application we recommend to use for your selfies is called FrontBack and can perfectly exploit both the front and the rear camera. So, if you love self-portraits that also surround the surrounding landscape, then frontback is the application that you absolutely must try.

Cost : Free

4. Selfie Cam – ^


The applications described above are too complex or have too many features? Are you looking for something light and only take classic selfie? Selfie Cam is the appropriate app, entirely dedicated to self-portraits to share on social and make them viral. This resource already starts automatically in selfie mode and has some interesting features to improve photos such as the ability to apply stickers, add borders and shapes.

Cost : Free

5. CamMe – ^


We close today’s post with the best app ever to take perfect selfies with your iPhone. The application is known by the name of CamMe and has been awarded as the most innovative app thanks to its phenomenal features which are:

  • Ability to take selfies with simple gestures (without having to touch the screen)
  • Possibility to activate the camera with a simple gesture of the hand
  • The app will recognize the movements and proceed with the snapshot of the selfie

Of course, once the app for shooting has been activated, we will have a maximum time of 3 seconds during which we will be able to put ourselves in position for the perfect selfie.

Cost : Free