DSLR or Mirrorless, which camera to choose?


Professional or photography lover, no matter, one question always haunts your mind: DSLR or Mirrorless, which camera to choose? Is investing in new equipment a guarantee of capturing better images? You have seen here what is a DSLR camera and a Mirrorless. The truth is that both have high performance systems and strengths to consider. But relax, that today has a

Which iPhones have Portrait Mode and how to use it at its best

iPhone 11 Pro

We’ve already talked about what portrait mode is – and that it can be done using software and/or hardware features of your smartphone’s camera. On the iPhone, Apple’s portrait mode uses cameras from compatible models to create this depth effect. Therefore, you can create a photo that maintains the sharpness of the subject (object, animal, personal, etc.) against


The Royal Society’s 2019 Photography Competition invited scientists from around the world to share images of their own phenomena captured by themselves. Below are some of the best pictures that are breathtaking. (Source: Mikhail Kapychka / Reproduction) Lunar halos of this type, captured in Mogilev, Belarus, appear only when there is a substantial number of ice crystals in the

The Best 10+ Apps to take RAW photos with iPhone

The Best 10+ Apps to take RAW photos with iPhone

You want to make the most of the photographic compartment of your iPhone by shooting in RAW. For this reason, in our new guide today, we will list a series of apps for taking RAW photos with iPhone by following a few simple steps. RAW: what it is The RAW is a format that does not change all the data

Difference between DNG and RAW File Formats: Pros and Cons

One of the most frequent and important questions that an aspiring photographer can ask is which of the format to use, namely: DNG or RAW? These two formats have various differences, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will see DNG vs RAW: the differences. Index RAW DNG RAW RAW format images

How to know if an image is copyrighted or not

Are you going to use an image for your project, but don’t know if it is copyrighted? Don’t worry, you can use different online services to find out if an image is protected by copyright. In fact, in this guide we will not only explain how to know if an image is covered by copyright or not, but

What is EXIF ​​data of photos and how to find or hide them

Exchangeable Image File Format – or just EXIF – is a specification that allows manufacturers of digital cameras (and also cell phones or other camera devices) to record information about what technical conditions (or settings) were at the time of capture next to the file as a metadata. Thus, in each photo, the camera automatically records how,